[Ace] diagnoses on that theme

A.C.E as your classmates

i'm trying to stop making these

Ace Attorney trial maker

You are wandering through the archives and you come across a particular case file... what do you find out? (This generator includes you as a possible character! If you wish to avoid this possibility, then feel free to insert a character's name)
Ace Attorney trial maker

Objection! You as an Ace Attorney Character!

Polish your lawyer's badge, slick back your hair, and step into the courts of Japanifornia! It's time to find out who you would be in the murder-ridden world of Ace Attorney!

A.C.E as your Twitter Mutuals

stan a.c.e :>

You in Ace Attorney

It seems, like you wish to see, what a certain person would do in the Ace Attorney universe. Here you can find it out.
You in Ace Attorney

You in Ace Attorney 2.0

This is an improved version of the previous shindan, but due to heavy differences and a different focus, the old version still remains available. Contains characters from the Phoenix Wright trilogy and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.
You in Ace Attorney 2.0
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