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You as a monster girl! (41,475)
(Version 1.62) Added hobbies and interests. || Height is measured at a "standing" position...
Yokai Watch Character Generator (2,583)
somethin i made to pass time. tell me if there are any bugs
1 Games
Do you f*ck bugs? (749)
Well? Do ya? (This Shindan is 89% accurate.) #bugfucker2020
Your Secret Move (646)
What's the name of your secret move? You know, the thing you yell out before devastating your e...
Life as an Insect!? (371)
If you were an insect what would you be like?
Nintamakagotchi (357)
You rush home overjoyed one day after discovering a Nintamaka virtual pet game: Nintamakagotchi! But...
bugs (107)
do you eat vermin (76)
Does your OC, or you, have a notable propensity to consume rats and mice and bugs? Find out here.
Animal Crossing Shrinkage (53)
You were fishing, hunting bugs, fruit collecting, whatever, when you suddenly shrunk down to a small...
Bugaboos (5)
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