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Your Lucky Item of the day (61,535)
Ask Midorima Shintarou for your lucky item of the day nanodayo!
Who is your Husband / Wife? (22,415)
[Kuroko no Basket] Who will be your Husband and your Wife? lol
Fate Grand Order Female Confession! (20,746)
(based off the kurobasu and MAGI confession) You've built up the courage to ask out your favou...
Kuroko no Baske Confession (20,676)
You finally confessed to your crush! How does it go?
What Anime Girl Archetype Are You? Poll (14,098)
Create a Twitter poll using your results and ask your friends to vote on which they think you most a...
Growth Expiriment (10,272)
You've been asked to contribute as the test subject to an growth expiriment, lets see how tall ...
Your Daily OC Question! (9,162)
A generator that will ask you a new OC question every day! Input your name and you'll be given ...
10 oc ocs by @_Isoprene
Your Kuroko no Basuke Family (8,429)
What kind of basketball family do you have?
Fate Grand Order male Confession! (5,537)
(based off the kurobasu and MAGI confession) You've built up the courage to ask out your favour...
Enstars - Talktime with Wataru (5,532)
Masked Pervert has something to say to you!
Symbiote Mask (5,295)
You got a gift!
Alchemy! (5,269)
You've met a mysterious alchemist seeking a love potion, but they've tasked you with colle...
What&039;s your meme? (4,986)
yesterday i asked you what turns you off here are your best answers light switch a light switch
Fantasy Girl Reincarnation (3,042)
You've died, and a Goddess has reincarnated you as a cute girl of an unknown race, and tasked y...
Your Fate Servant stats (2,966)
I ask of you: are you my Servant?
Your Dragon Age Life (2,852)
Why is this necessary you make ask? WHY NOT!
You&039;re a kitty! (2,560)
You are now a kitty, don't ask how it happened just embrace it.
The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls - Confes... (2,366)
You've built up the courage to ask out your favourite idol. How does she react?
Which Smash Bros. girls would date you t... (2,154)
NEWS: Just in! Which Super Smash Bros. girl (or girls) are willing to date you today? Be sure not to...
Don&039;t ask what this is, because I ha... (1,886)
What&039;s your stripper name? (1,692)
You are a stripper. And aside form looking good you also tend to have a hot stripper name. What is i...
Who R U in Kuroko no Basket (1,521)
ASFO Generator (1,433)
Tired of all the boring, basic omegle furries asking ''asfo''? Or maybe you just...
Randomized Character Generator (1,422)
A randomized character creator!! You can use it freely!! :3c If there are any questions, just ask me...
What makes you a failure? (1,405)
Now you can have a convenient excuse for when people ask why your life is such a wreck!
Kuroko No Basket Kiss (1,262)
Who want kiss you?
Your Digimon Journey (Pt. 5/6) (1,133)
Alright so who is this/these jerk(s) causing all this trouble in the Digital World anyway? Time to u...
Your Date With Super Junior! (1,087)
Who in Super Junior will ask you on a date? (All 15 members)
Kuroko no Basket Random Situation (1,042)
Find out what Kuroko no Basket Char is doing to or with you and why!
Kuroko no Basket Random Situation 2 (854)
Just DO IT!!!
Vixx asking you (799)
A question for you... Maybe a favor?
1 by @qmimmie
how ur b1a4 bf asks u out (770)
Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Life
Make a Marioverse OC! (730)
Generate a gijinka that'd fit in the Super Mario world!
B.A.P Asking You Out (592)
How did a B.A.P member ask you out?
1 B.A.P
Should I ask out my crush. (525)
When should you ask them out.
What&039;s your Akuma no Riddle wish and... (525)
You're tasked with killing Ishinose Haru, do you succeed? If you do, what's your reward?
Task Generator (421)
You should this if you're bored...
[The Mask Artist] โจทย์วาดรูปวันนี้ (415)
โจทย์ที่ใช้ในการแข่ง The Mask Artist ลองสุ่มโจทย์ของคุณกันเถอะ (คำตอบของชินดันได้รับมาจากการร่วมเสนอ...
Magic8Gogs YES/NO (363)
Ask a question, shake the ball, get an answer!
Can you fight the pope? (357)
can you fight the pope, an important question asked by many
Which Sohma are you? (352)
Sohma's are from Fruits Basket :)
If you were a unicorn.... (345)
Did you ask google?
The Magic Conch Shell (345)
Ask it a question!
which Streamer/youtuber are you? (330)
don't ask
Your OC in KnB theme (325)
Your OC in Kuroko no Basket theme. Special thanks to Zapkun.
How big is your dick (318)
Asking the real questions
Your Fruits Basket Life (305)
Find out what your life would be like in the world of Fruits Basket
what you should get retweets for! (288)
Kuroko no Basuke (251)
What is your government assigned Cryptid... (232)
This will randomly generate one of my ocs to kin assign to you! If you don't know about who you...
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