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Potion transformation!! (26,341)
You drink a magic potion... (can be NSFW) (furry content) (fetish content)
Furry Transformation (9,501)
You just drank a mysterious potion, now watch as it changes you into something new! (Possible NSFW r...
Potion Of Destiny Generator (7,755)
You find your way into a sacred room, a potion lays there.
Alchemy! (5,255)
You've met a mysterious alchemist seeking a love potion, but they've tasked you with colle...
Head Inflation & Balloonification (4,753)
Drinking that strange potion wasn't the best idea. Now you're feeling a bit light headed.....
Potion Tester (3,986)
Drip the goop Witch needs a new tester for her potions, looks like you've volunteered!
Lewd Potion Generator! (3,504)
A lewd TF potion generator with effects for both sexes!
Potion Roulette 2 (3,294)
Welcome back this time you can get a better mixture of results but I still challenge anyone to share...
Magic Potion Roulette (3,044)
I challenge you to write in your friends names and write a story.
Create a Potion (2,622)
Invent a spectacular potion!
Dragon TF Potion (2,349)
Who will drink this questionable dragon TF potion? It hasn't been tested on humans yet, so it m...
Potion name generator (2,093)
Inspired by fantasynamegenerators
Monster (1,960)
You've drank a poisonous potion and turned into a hideous creature.
Hair Potion Results (1,689)
You've taken a miracle hair growth product, and here's how it ends up.
what body part will you grow (1,382)
if you drink this potion
What am I? (OUTDATED) (1,044)
Find out your true self! Based on the rays from the moon mixed with magic element potion and your la...
Vore Demon Generator (881)
NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Probably not a good idea to drink something labeled "Demon Transformation Po...
Potion Generator! (440)
Fantasy Drink Generator (370)
is it a potion? is it booze? who knows
Potion Generator (302)
Look at what you've made..
EW SS2 [BreakEvent 1] (164)
Camillei&039;s random potion (152)
You've chosen to pay the young witch 25 Poke to dump a bunch of random 'magical' item...
elise and the polymorph potions (143)
"wait, this is polymorph potion, i think,* veronica frowned. "have you been drinking this?...
Random Potion (134)
ของแทนคำขอบคุณจากพรรค Gwendolyn
Potion [keroro gunso Community] (25)
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