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Your transformation

Normal form is not enough?TRANSFORM INTO EPIC!

Thicc Furry Transformation Simulator

Something has made you turn into a furry! See what kind you are.

Potion transformation!!

You drink a magic potion... (can be NSFW) (furry content) (fetish content)

Wonder transformation!

Your sudden encounter with a fate you never imagined. What will happen to you today? Transformations that may change your day for good... or not. Share your results by taking a picture of it!

Transformation Issues

You've been suddenly transformed after you drink/eat something! lets see how and what happens.

Banzai's Magical Box of Transformation!

The box reads "Property of Banzai the Bat - DO NOT OPEN!" on the side. Dare to take a peek?

Symbiotic Encasement

What artificial or natural symbiote will take a liking to your body as its new and permanent home?

Little Shop of TFs

What will you find in the mysterious shop?

Your inanimate transformation!

A simple inanimate transformation generator. Warning, your changes may last longer than you wish~

Transformative Thirstquencers Restricted

[NSFW 18+] The BAPZ for you. Bar tended by @ikksplicit. Still thirsty? Try another name and combine your results.

A Sudden Transformation!

It seems you've found a tasty beverage lying around, so of course you take a sip! But what's this?! You find that you have begun to change! Find out what you'll be stuck as for a day!

What transformation item do you find?

You find a peculiar object, which has some strange magical properties. Your body begins to change as you interact with it, but what exactly does it do? And beware, trouble lurks around the corner when messing with magical objects.

Who is the new you?

A racial transformation shindan. Discover the new you. Change gender, race, age.

Your Mystical Transformation

Find out what will you be as a mystical creature! *result really depends on luck*

Magic Transformation Drinks!!!

What would you like to drink? Surely nothing will happen.

operator's kinkatorium [18+]

[NSFW/18+] Honestly, you probably shouldn't have walked in here.

Getting into character.

Sometimes you just need a new view on life, or a new life entirely. [Expect dude furries] [Probably to be edited in the future]

Fantasy Transformation

But Fate Won't Let You. This is going to be long, but I shortened it as short as I could.. I will add more!


What will you be?!??!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?

Inanimate Transformation daily

Discover who turned you into what. Results change daily.

Pokémon Transformations! ...?

In front of you stands a machine offering free Pokémon transformations.However, the machine's in a buggy beta, and genetic mutations may occur. You also have no control over the transformation.Enter your name below to try the machine out.

What happens after you drink BEASTMODE™ [NSFW]

BEASTMODE™ is a super experimental muscle growth formula that is taking the world by storm. People are transforming into their inner beast and growing to immense sizes. What will happen to you?

TF Slot Machine (Animate Anthro)

Spin the wheel and see what you end up with! (The % category determines the intensity of the transformation, with 0% being mostly human with some parts of your TF, while 100% is full on anthro) [Inspired by DonPretzel on DA]

TF Slot Machine (Inanimate)

Spin the wheel and see what you end up with!(25% and under makes you fully animate, while 26%-75% allows for various restrictions on movement, like the inability to speak, while 76% and up makes you entirely inanimate! [Inspired by DonPretzel on DA]

Your life as Clothing!

After a confusing set of circumstances, you've been transformed into clothes! What did you turn into? How did you end up? Find out that and more!

Your life as an Anime Girl!

After a strange set of circumstances, you have been turned into an anime girl! Lets see how you ended up!

Inanimate Transformation Spell

What Happens When Stepped Into a Haunted House, You’ll Be Turned Into An Inanimate By a Witch.

Falling to a monsters curse

Adventurers who enter dungeons must be prepared to face the risk of never being the same again.

Hair Potion Results

You've taken a miracle hair growth product, and here's how it ends up.

Character Transformation Suit

What Happens When You Wear a Character Fursuit And Turn You Into Your Favorite Character from Cartoon/Movies/Games/Books (Pokémon Included).
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