[wg] diagnoses on that theme

Fat Pokémon TF!

What would happen to someone if they ate a perfectly good and clean light blue candy they found in a garbage can on the street today? This!

Your Sudden Weight Gain

You do an accidentally and soon the blubber will start rolling onto ya. You ready?

Furry Weight Gain (Request)

A requested Shindan that I made for a friend. I had fun with it.

Death by Gluttony

What horrible way will you die from your own gluttony? For death feedists only!

So you're a character in a fat anime.

What fat anime character are you?

The WG Experience


TF Potion Store

Enter your characters name to see what happens to them at the TF Potion Store

Wastered Character TF Shindan (v1.3)

Which character will you transform into, how will you transform, and what happens next?

farm animal furry tf wg

WIP. Just a lil thing! CW: Mind changing, weight gain.


Gain weight
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