New Shindan

1. Anime Character Generator (6)
OC Generator mainly for drawing purposes ^^
2. สุ่มธีมวาดรูป (1)
3. What Happened To You In Skylands (NSFW) (73)
You visit skylands for the first time. Met with someone, then something naughty happened. NSFW
4. Your 「Persona」 Game (2,794)
what your own persona game would be like
5. What kind of alcoholic drink are you? (110)
You're a new drink everyday! (Bonus! You get a small snack too!)
6. Are you an exposer? (22)
would you, if given opportunity, expose your friends and family?
7. epitaph generator (46)
You died. SCORE: 0. RESTORE - RESTART - QUIT ? Let's see what's written on your grave...
8. rare fursona generator (126)
tired of the same old dogs and cats? with this wonderful Shindan you too can create cool, unique, an...
9. Daily Song Rec (16)
Various genres/artists. Hope you enjoy!
10. Which Adventure Time element are you? (33)
Ice. Slime. Fire. Candy. Long ago the four kingdoms lived together in harmony.
11. Which member of the Belcher family are y... (11)
AKA the main cast of Bob's Burgers
12. Which Miraculous Ladybug character are y... (16)
Possible spoilers for season 1 included in results. Superhero/civilian identities revealed (canon or...
13. Chandlerh (2)
Title of chandlerh
14. Which Sailor Senshi are you? (13)
Includes outer senshi & Chibi Moon
15. Your REAL Zodiac with GOOD horoscopes (195)
learn your real zodiac now today right here right now and follow the really good advice
16. Which element do you bend? (81)
Out of the four main elements in Avatar: the Last Airbender.
17. Which Hetalia character are you? (19)
Tried to include most characters; no Nyotalia/2Ps/etc. sorry.
18. What's the first letter of your sou... (46)
See title
19. State Fury (9)
Magic Class with fire elements
20. What would your quirk ability be? (88)
Looks like you got that two-bone pinky toe, time to discover what quirk you'll have.
21. Ultimate Manga Lifestory Determiner (67)
The best Manga Lifestory Determiner! Only one chance!
22. what will be your BRUNCH DEMISE? (38)
by aria and ponko!!!
23. Minami Sudoku (7)
Diabolik Lovers Oc
24. yugioh archetype (66)
what archetype of yugioh cards do you use? (please note: this only gives you an archetype, not alway...
25. In what robot do you transform? (48)
Shows in what kind of robot do you transform.
26. Ultimate Magical Girl Generator / 魔法少女 (312)
The best Magical Girl Generator! Only one chance!
27. Ultimate Gemsona Generator (60)
Generates Gem, Location, Weapon, Power and if you're a Crystal/Homeworld/Neutral Gem
28. Acci (8)
This is Acci's information.
29. Am I gay? (126)
Are you gay?
30. What would you look like as a Touken Ran... (40)
Find out what you would look like as a touken danshi!
31. What are you in Little big planet (12)
What do you look like in little big planet
32. _______ ______ girl/boy vocaloid title (93)
what's your [random noun] [edgy word] girl/boy vocaloid song title? (idk)
33. RWBY-dere (40)
Weird title. Couldn't think of much to say, but in this shindan, but basically you get a rwby c...
34. You VS Team SSSN (29)
Another one! I'm bored and pulling an all-nighter.
35. Which Elementalist Lux are you? (20)
for r/lux
36. You VS Team JNPR (37)
did this change again or am I crazy? Anyway, like the RWBY one but Team JNPR (pre-Volume 4)
37. fvvvvvvvvvvvvvd (6)
bdbgv fvfvknk vfdvv dvvd f ,uy ,gj,gj,j ,gj,
38. What Invader Zim character are you (27)
No one else did it so...
39. Weapon Creator [RWBY] (116)
More to be added. Listed every known rwby weapon, they're just mismatched
40. PSY's New MusicVideo (12)
I LUV IT & New Face(Puzzle)
41. ADOM Epitaph (14)
Why bother playing the game when you can just use this to find out how youll die anyway?
42. Various Inflation (124)
All kinds of belly-themed inflation for all of your kinky needs!
43. Dangm (7)
44. Grandmaster Reinhardt (15)
With a team at my side I am unstoppable
45. Gorillaz Challenge(Puzzle) (20)
Gorillaz featuring.Popcaan - Saturnz Barz(Spirit House)
46. RPG Stats v1 (284)
What are your RPG stats? (Max: 10)
47. Shanli Yao Yao characters thing (8)
!THIS WONT MAKE ANY SENSE! this is... weird it only really makes sense to me oh well I didnt privati...
48. CHART Function: PIE Chart (36)
This diagnoses uses the chart function =CHART() in order to create a pie chart (pie graph).
49. How much of a mega faggot are you (72)
Ever wanted to know how degenerate you are? well now you know
50. yooo (10)
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