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1. how great (0)
2. Your Naruto Powers (3)
This diagnosis uses three lists to create somewhat complex sentences.
3. Naruto Characther Power (8)
See what your Ninja Skills are.
4. Inticamy RPG Stats !!NSFW!! !!FURRY!! !!... (34)
Get your personalized Intimacy RPG stats, and finally figure out what type of lover you are~ LONG R...
5. Your Madoka Magica Role (23)
If you had a Madoka Magica Role for an episode, what would it be?
6. What anime you are (24)
7. bm discord servant summoning (32)
why would you use this if you're not in the bm discord is what i'm asking
8. servant stuff (62)
i just need it for my discord okay
9. Transformative Thirstquencers Restricted... (46)
[technically SFW but still basically NSFW, 18+] The BAPZ for you. Bar tended by @ikksplicit with gen...
10. Your new Identity (98)
Start a new life on earth
11. Ruler (33)
To Rule
12. What Planet Do You Belong On? (88)
You wanna know what planet you belong on? The Sun, the Moon, and Pluto included!
13. How unga are you? (36)
14. bulaxo (2)
15. What Meme are you? [FIXED] (110)
Fixed for @polypholly cause she only added one result.
16. Your EDF OC (3)
To save our mother Earth from any alien attack From vicious giant insects who have once again come b...
17. Virus (52)
18. Which kinstreet member are you? (17)
19. How many times can you cum (127)
20. lil pump (31)
hope yall injoy
21. Thicc meter [FIXED] (75)
22. Da1and0ni (2)
23. What Madoka Magica character are you mos... (29)
Just go on
24. Tribe Cat Generator! (Warriors) (14)
Create a random cat from the Tribe of Rushing Water! Sorry for any strange names.
25. Laelow (2)
Little wolf with a huge heart and personality
26. A Special Rear View (86)
You (or whomever you may choose) desire a bigger tush, but how exactly will this be accomplished? Ju...
27. Clotheing Randomizer (Male) (56)
Just so I can not SUCK
28. audio (12)
29. What&039;s your secret fetish? (183)
what are you really into?
30. Which gamer den member are you? (35)
Which piece of shit are you?
31. Your League of Legends Stats (84)
A Radar Chart showing what your LoL stats are!
32. Your Idolmaster OC! (Female) (35)
Put in your name/username and find out your Idolmaster OC!
33. Who will you date? (For Women) (38)
Do you want to know who’s gonna be your lover once you finally get out of college because you had no...
34. JAM (5)
35. Fate Grand Order NA - Your Waifu Randomi... (81)
Includes every single FGO NA Waifu
36. What&039;s your stand&039;s stats? (96)
Find the rating of your new stand!
37. SACกับเครื่องดื่มปริศนา (43)
38. SACกับคุ๊กกี้เสี่ยงทาย (43)
39. SACกับบุฟเฟ่ห์เค้กหรรษา (45)
40. Your Virtual Idol (86)
Find out your virtual idol from Japanese idol series!
41. Adil (2)
42. Belly Inflation Generator. (63)
See what you fill with and how you are filled! This was my first time making one of these so I hope ...
43. Squaller (5)
44. Utapri Shuffle Unit!! (100)
You're in charge of writing a song for a new shuffle unit involving STARISH and Quartet Night!!...
45. Tiefling (7)
46. Kunthea (3)
47. Steal it ! Culdcept Revolt (8)
Give a creature and item to steal it.
48. the Eternity of Gold (12)
so that Haru the part-time heroine can using keyblade to can opened in the gate on the realms of lig...
49. Zerian Color palette generator (49)
[Uses hex, insert hex code into a hex decoder to get color]
50. Idol generator!! (107)
Yourself as an idol boy/girl? Or a new OC? You decide!
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