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JJBA Stand Maker (5)
Determines your STANDO POWA
0    by @Weoty
do you have rights (72)
lets see
Uh? (11)
idk mane
Yes679 (4)
I’m a dumb boi
Who in straykids is your boyfriend (13)
Kim seungmin , felix , in
Your Favorite Spell! (93)
This shows the spell you use most.
Clova (4)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "XX Score."
0 by @Clovaa1
PervMeter (104)
Which BS admin do you love? (18)
Want to find your BS admin husbando/waifu? Here you go!
Vibe Check [Actual Cancer] (95)
Vibe Checker for the Actual Cancer server.
Bailie (3)
kookjin (7)
in love
Bachelor/ette Contestant Sona (28)
generate your white bachleor/ette contestant.
Which Scoob and Shag Character Do You Ki... (27)
kinny kin
0 by @kyehex
okayboomer (27)
ok boomer
Ghost rider (3)
Hello12342354254 (2)
TestCompensation: $110,000 Do you do your own dishes? We've got a job for you (and it's n...
Wait a minute.... (38)
Wait A Minute ...
Ugly Panda (8)
Stupid and dumb, stupid and dumb. Dumb and stupid, dumb and stupid. Working and failing, making my g...
Meme time boyos (48)
Yeet yote, you are now a boat
Automated Vibe Checker (69)
Check your vibe here.
mineqamer2010 (4)
just lovin minecraft 😎 minecraft fan and a proud gamer #GamerPride ps. pls donate to http://teamtre...
Bartesterthingamabob (2)
This diagnoses uses the chart function =CHART() in order to create a bar chart (bar graph).
Mega Monster Waifu Maker (19)
Another monster girl generator, this time with a larger catalogue of possible monsters. There's...
Ulath&039;s Vibes (4)
metal-robot (12)
short girlfriend generator (164)
Here are thou short girlfriend (changes daily) use your crushes name
The most possibilities ever (186)
holy crep
James middlebro (2)
...lazyyy... (22)
CrAzY AliEn
The Phat King (36)
Wut is going on
Colors of the Cat on You (56)
You become a lucky cat. So cute!
Good afternoon (27)
Are you the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, or Delta (210)
Today&039;s recommended vegetable (39)
By separating the list values with commas and adding "comma + numerical value" to the list...
Cryptid Maker (122)
Something is out there, find out what with this generator.
Who in A3 will give you a Christmas pres... (130)
What will they give you? Find out????? :0
0 by @Tanuhun
Which DC Guy Are You? (53)
Aimed towards guys but girls are welcome to try.
Ranodoom (26)
Your Now a Monster Boy (252)
Most of these Species are From D&D,Monmusu and Monster girl Encyclopedia.
Blahblahbleh (25)
Akiba Elite Profile (53)
What does our dossier say about your service in AKBE?
0    by @Zhvowa
Catgirls catgirls catgirls v1.1 (108)
Small catgirl shindan. Totally not horny.
Wungle Power Level (50)
What is your WPL?
0    by @Zhvowa
You are now a Blood Con ! (52)
Oopsie !
0 by @cuoqet
You&039;re now a Wungler (57)
Congratulations, you've been accepted into Wunglewards. What is the bulk of your content?
0 by @Zhvowa
BloodDrive (10)
Big iFunny user
What&039;s your miraculous in the future (71)
Don't get mad at me it's your miraculous 0
luth (8)
i dont know
You&039;re A Dragon! (115)
What type of dragon are you? Update: Added some humorous results and new dragon types, along with o...
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