New Shindan

1. Riper (3)
super high jump
2. What's your government-assigned cur... (55)
Cursed fickin generator
3. what kind of moraverse being are you? (2)
find out what you would look like in mora universe.
4. Male to female gender swap creator (32)
How will you be as a hottie?
5. By Mouth or By Pen? (13)
Which form of communication are you more honest in?
6. Fire Emblem Units Stat Generator (111)
Generate your own unit's base stats for Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.
7. Gordin (9)
is the god of fire emblem heroes, never fodder this one, always +10. Max stats. Show any disrespect ...
8. bitchin (24)
who is jenn
9. Random thing part 1 (28)
What are you
10. What Item Represents Your Ship? (99)
This can be used for single characters as well!
11. your boy name (100)
come here for naming baby """BOY"""
12. which song of blackpink you are (10)
says which one of blackpink you are
13. your houseki no kuni kintype (47)
find out your government-assigned hnk kintype! no refunds, unless you get antarc's right foot
14. Your "Fire Emblem Heroes" Team (63)
Insert your name and I'll give you back your FEH team (1 unit per color)
15. T-E-S-T (24)
16. your angel kintype (112)
find out your official, government-assigned angel kintype! no refunds.
17. Marvel D.C. Strongest super heros (42)
Which one are you
18. The strongest hazard team part two (9)
Which one do you want to be against
19. Strongest hazard heros (12)
I made my own heros which one are you
20. Wich Anime Would You Animate and you Voi... (156)
What anime studio and seiyuu is you?
21. Even Taller Girlfriend Generator (413)
In reference to and with inspiration from the Tall Girlfriend Generator by @wrangelisland... generat...
22. How much do you love Nuggs? (118)
23. Fighting Game Characterifier (3,094)
What kind of fighting game character will you be?
24. Animal comic gmod (27)
25. Your Relationships with the Danganronpa ... (130)
Find out what the characters' attitudes towards you are.
26. How Loli Are You??? (161)
the one made 0 to 100%
27. Freelancer Diagnostic (48)
Find out how much you contribute to the game.
28. Which wild animals will you have as a pe... (56)
If you have a wild animal and you get any of one what will you have in random
29. Anime Personality Types (237)
Like personality types but like in anime
30. Create a RWBY ship (63)
Randomied RWBY ships.
31. Outfit Maker (162)
This will randomize outfits for your character!
32. LilacTear (32)
This diagnosis uses three lists to create somewhat complex sentences.
33. ガラポン! สุ่มรับรางวัลจากย่านการค้า (รอบวัน... (49)
ในการะปองจะมีรางวัลทั่วไปผสมกับรางวัลใหญ่ ถ้าได้ "รางวัลใหญ่" ให้เมนชั่นมาอีกทีนะ! ลุ้นรา...
34. [SAC_SS2] กอดๆกันเถอะ! (1)
ใส่ชื่อของคุณ แล้วมาลองเสี่ยงทายกันว่าจะได้กอดใครกันนะ? หรือว่าคุณจะโชคดีได้โบนัสจากสมาชิกนักกอดตัว...
35. Ultra freddy (18)
Hi. This is my first one
36. Your OC Creator (307)
Create your own OC (including magical stuff)
37. How were you murdered (189)
A simple shindan that I make when I was bored
38. If you were an anime boy hhhhhh (119)
updated frequently. good OC creator too.
39. What is your Dying Will Flame? (70)
from KHR
40. Which Holy Grail War are you in? (53)
You'll get one of the wars and a servant!!
41. Which Servant Will You Summon in the Gra... (93)
Click to find out!! Nearly every servant is available
42. Miraculous OC Generator! (89)
Miraculous!-ly make your own superhero to fight with Ladybug and Chat!
43. Random OC gen (52)
Random oC gen
44. What pokémon you are (122)
Includes all 802 Pokémon all the way through Generation 7.
45. Nitarmho (5)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "XX Score."
46. Tired (47)
How tired are you?
47. Orber Creator [READ DESC] (20)
48. [TE]ร้านตุ๊กตา (72)
49. The Weak (40)
Weak but never lose
50. Ariana Grande Bae (11)
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