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Your XX Scoreh (6)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "XX Score."
are you komaeda (16)
are you? do you like fingers in your ass?
5 Countries To Visit At Least Once In Yo... (7)
5 Countries To Visit At Least Once In Your Lifetime
Test The Political Compass (22)
Test The Political Compass
Ehhhhhhhhh (17)
I just wanna do the test lmao
NCT as your twitter mutuals // OT21 (5)
just for fun :3
Vunket vibe (5)
Vibe check for niggas
Honkai Impact Valkryie (7)
bronya fire
sanskruti (7)
0 by @sxnskruti
Shut up boomer (107)
How insane are you (112)
I'm big insane
Deadf1sh (10)
Small brain time
Stupid Goddamn Word Generator That Reall... (40)
whats you Anime/Hentai power? (122)
what is your power!?
What are the qualities of your MSF chara... (26)
i could keep goin with these
Soft babey (111)
Idk what is happenening
MSF How are you going to die? (56)
Its for a game
Aaabbbccc (21)
Sex Position Generator(NSFW) (218)
Generate the uhh... kink of your dreams
blahbbhsshaha (18)
0 by @shaenlire
what kind of art do u make? (291)
i only ever make cursed stuff honestly first attempt at a diagnosis !!
How smart are you to be (141)
how smart will ye be.
i just fucking made this shit so try it (159)
h i
what&039;s your ability (54)
self explanitory
0 by @PluggTop
How Alike to Lukas Are You (7)
how much are you like lukas
0 by @moonm1lkk
BICH!!!!!!! (8)
hey ho
0 by @sonariete
Insane Weapon Generator (92)
Generate the weapon of your dreams
Vibes of anarquitecta (6)
Just me and a scalimeter
Egirl (100)
Wears all black and has metal accessories
Kelso Meeks (3)
you x BTS interactions (42)
soft interactions don’t worry🙄 FIXED
Dragonball Stats (76)
Dragonball Skills KI is energy reserves, Speed is speed, Strength is basic attacks, Stamina is self ...
Diagnosis on Husøymannen (1)
He big sad
Minion o Bob (40)
R U da Minion o Da Bob
Is Oliver truly a dom/top? (10)
Is he??
t0p 0r b0tt0m (111)
Title says everything
Your Monster Romance (76)
Combines cute monsters with cheesy romantic tropes.
what job will you have? (83)
Find out your real job
Should you do your AP CS work? (5)
Advanced algorithms decide based on your name whether or not you should do any work in AP CS.
0 by @Liibiie
how cursed are you (102)
how cursed are you? wanna know?
how feral apeshit are you (122)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's feralness
ßRuh (80)
How autistic you are? (442)
Your character in Beastars! (124)
See how you'll do in beastars!
vibe check!!! pass or get bONKED (441)
n o o n e c a n e s c a p e
aesthetic shit (136)
whats ur subculture vibe
Iann (13)
Cherrytaker (55)
A fucking beast
Sjeedesdnjsidnkssisk (26)
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