New Shindan

1. I'm not sure (11)
This diagnoses uses the chart function =CHART() in order to create a line chart (line graph).
2. Bad Decision Bear's Hookup Generato... (86)
You throw caution to the wind and hook up with a stranger. How does it go?
3. Bubblegum (13)
well i don't know
4. CM ที่คุณได้รับกับ BMC (21)
สำหรับอีเว้นท์สุ่ม CM ที่ได้รับในการลงเล่นของ BMC
5. What is your sin? (50)
Which sin are you most guilty of?
6. Gacha Skill (33)
This diagnosis uses three lists to create somewhat complex sentences.
7. [TE] คำทำนายจากไอศกรีม (5)
พิมพ์ ชื่อ + ครั้งที่ เพื่อสุ่มคำทำนาย
8. Best Match! (103)
What is your build best match combo?
9. Deep Character Generator (133)
Use this as an inspiration for creating deeper characters
10. Your Furry Halloween Party Date (84)
It's time to get spooky, but sometimes you might get a bit spookier with a partner in crime
11. WeebTrash_ (26)
12. Which McNair Student Likes you? (16)
kill us
13. Naruto To Boruto Shinobi Striker Class (59)
What Class should your custom character be
14. Punk Band Name (70)
Two to three awesome words smashed together to create your band name.
15. jkasdfhjksdfa (40)
16. Massive Mishaps (116)
How will you blow up today and what will be your fate? (Alt. version of the Expandimals)
17. Your Monstersona (241)
wanna make a monster, dunno how to start? use this generator
18. Are you dead or alive? (158)
Use this quiz to know if you're dead or alive
19. what would your .hack character be? (104)
//WELCOME TO THE WORLD// Username: ..... Password: ......
20. Which loli wants to marry you (172)
Which loli is so in love with you that will marry you right now!
21. game generator (56)
22. Runiverse OC Creator (36)
become what youve always wanted: an oc thats too edgy
23. Robin Creator (27)
This shindan generates a Fire Emblem: Awakening avatar.
24. Bapple (10)
25. Pokemon Gym Leader Generator (190)
Includes main type, dual type and number of pokemon
26. Alf (11)
Yeah buddy
27. Alfred (11)
28. How you will grow (67)
Muscle Growth by the members of Muscle-Growth forum.
29. IdkkkkkkkkkK (7)
30. Babe (24)
31. bigttt (4)
32. Birb (32)
33. Which cliches are you? (92)
This will assign you to some fics cliches.
34. Male's Power of Muscle (35)
See what powers lay in you muscles.
35. Jinha (3)
36. moonchild (20)
37. Casual Furry Hookup (136)
You've been flirting with someone in chat for a couple weeks and they've come to visit you...
38. JewelCj (1)
39. do you wear diapers (69)
*tthe sound of my diaper crinkling as i run towards you*
40. Your Kpop Husband 2 (32)
Includes members from BTS, EXO, Seventeen, Got7, and Bigbang
41. gayness (154)
how gay u be
42. Encore love prediction (67)
Extra challenge: come up with headcanons with the results
43. กาชาคัพเค้กเกลือๆ [ทีมคฑา] (16)
ถ้าชีวิตคุณกำลังทุกข์ระทมมองไปทางไหนก็ไม่มีอะไรที่จะเพิ่มกำลังใจคุณได้ ลองลากเพื่อนของคุณมาทานคัพเค้...
44. Xzavier (0)
45. What kind of character are you? (106)
Find out what kind of character you
46. One Piece life! (81)
one piece life, i guess lol
47. What's your Persona? (179)
Find out what your Persona is.
48. what even are you? (714)
who are you really tho?
49. Monster + Job (135)
It's hard to adjust to human life if you aren't a human. What are you, and what job have y...
50. sinnamoncloud (6)
i don't even know
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