[nintendo] diagnoses on that theme

What does your Splatoon self look like?

To celebrate the release of Splatoon 2, take a look at what you would be in the world of Inkopolis!

Your life on Mira (Xenoblade Chronicles X)

Find out what happens to you on Mira...

Super Smash Bros Date

What Smash Bros lady will go out with you tonight?

What Smash Bro are you?

Skill level too!

SSBB character

Who are you in Super Smash Bros Brawl?

What Kirby ability are you?

Includes Kirby 64 and some final/super abilities.

Your New Horizons Title

Find a passport title for Animal Crossing: New Horizons! All the keywords I could find online- 283 for the first one and 298 for the second. Some of the results are kind of weird.

You are an amiibo!

How rare are you?

Mario Maker Level Creator

Need help making a Mario Maker level? Use this!

Which Dark type Pokémon would you be?

Which Dark type Pokémon species would you be?

Your Smash Bros Aesthetic

Find out what way to play Smash Bros really speaks to you.

Which Pokemon Type are you?

Strengths and Weaknesses included

super smash match!

who is your opponent and who will win??

Who is your Xenoblade Chronicles X OTP?

Find out which Xenoblade Character X characters you'd like to be together. :)

What amiibo are you?

amiibo economy is real.

Relive as a Smash Bros. Fighter!

You are reincarnated into a Super Smash Bros. character. Who would you be to become the Ultimate Smasher around?!

What kind of Rare Blade would you be in XC2?

You're now a Rare Blade. What weapon and element would you have?

Which Dragon type Pokémon would you be?

Which Dragon type Pokémon species would you be?

Which Fairy type Pokémon would you be?

Which Fairy type Pokémon species would you be?

Ultimate Xenoblade/X Life

A combination of my "Life on Mira" and "Life in Xenoblade Chronicles" shindans!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Village Generator

What will happen during your adventures in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Enter your name and find out!

Where in the Pokémon anime series would you live?

In which location in the Pokémon anime series would you live?

Dumb Ways to Die (On Mira)

Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die. Especially when you're stuck on a whole different planet.

Smash Ultimate DLC

Will ___ be included as upcoming Smash Ultimate DLC? Find out here!
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