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Total people diagnosed : 12,802 people
1. happy thoughts :3 (127)
some positivity uwu
2. super smash match! (149)
who is your opponent and who will win??
3. bf/gf coupons <3 (279)
screenshot and send your result to your significant other :)
4. what kind of soft boy/girl are you? (690)
are you an uwu smol bean? or a lil cinnamon bun :3 ?
5. an enemy approaches! (211)
you’ve just entered a battle! what will you do?
6. how valid are you..? (146)
check how valid you are by entering your name! :)
7. finish the lyrics! (55)
you’ll be given lyrics from two different songs and titles from two albums! which combination will y...
8. what snacks are in your pantry? (56)
enter your name to find out what candy/chips/beverages you have in your pantry!
9. your true stats (607)
enter your name to find out your TRUE personality stats
10. Which Pokémon Are You...? (67)
enter your name to see which pokémon you are!
11. your relationship with undertale charact... (93)
enter your name to find out your relationship with the various undertale characters!
12. what’s your video game character? (111)
enter your name to see your character traits and stats!
13. how gay are you...? (362)
enter your name to see your level of gayness ;)
14. who are these band members to you? (40)
enter your name to see your relationship with these alternative band members!
15. which animal are you?? (74)
enter your name to see what animal you are!
16. what kind of e-boy/e-girl are you (9,704)
the many qualities of you being an e-boy/e-girl
17. are you a meanie? (31)
input yours or someone’s name to determine if they’re a meanie head..
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