[wrestling] diagnoses on that theme

Furry Wrestling Tag Team Partner

Meet your Bullwhip wrestling partner!

Sparring Partner

It's time to start training for your next big match, so you're waiting in the ring for your new partner to arrive. As the doors open, your Coach motions to your new partner...

Your NJPW Relationships

You're on the New Japan roster now! Once indoctrinated by this shindan you will automatically have default relationships with random members of said roster. Enjoy~!

Rikishi Generator!

It's time to enter the dohyō and test your mind, body, and spirit against a big, strong sumo! Do you have what it takes to face them? Hakkeyoi!

What kind of wrestler are you?

A guess of how your wrestling career would go

Your Finisher

Enter a name and find out what your finishing move is. Great for wrestling fans.

Vs Pokemon Wrestler

You are up against an anthro Pokemon Wrestler for the Championship Title. Who will you be up against? Throw your hat in the ring and get ready to RUMBLE!!

wwf no mercy characters

doing this as an experiment for something but what the hell you can screw around with this too

Fantasy Dragon Gate Unit

Put your name in and get a brand new DG Unit with 5 random members of the roster AS WELL as a randomized color theme AND heel/face alignment. Try and think of a neat name and enjoy~!

Random Pro Wrestling NOAH Champions

Put your name in and get a randomized lineup of champions for all the active titles in NOAH currently. Enjoy!

Random Dragon Gate Champions

Get yourself a randomized lineup of Dragon Gate champions using all active titles in the company! Enjoy~

Basho Result Generator!

How would your rikishi do in a basho? ○ = Win ● = Loss
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