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Your Furry Wrestling Debut!

The Furry Wrestling League (FWL) is full of strong, brutish men who love to wrestle and pin each other down. You're a new face on the roster, and are about to face off against your very first opponent! Will you emerge victorious, or will you get dominated?

Furry Wrestling Tag Team Partner

Meet your Bullwhip wrestling partner!

What kind of wrestler are you?

A guess of how your wrestling career would go

Your Finisher

Enter a name and find out what your finishing move is. Great for wrestling fans.


gives u a cool name to use on a forum, for wrestling, etc

Wrestling Alignment

What Wrestling Alignment are you?

Your Wrestling stats

This diagnoses uses the chart function =CHART() in order to create a radar chart.

What is your W/VGCW Career?

Your approximate (Women's) Video Game Championship Wrestling career.

Who is Wrestling Naked In a Bathhouse?

Yakuza Ishin Shindan


What is your Wrestling Signature Move

Random Pro Wrestling NOAH Champions

Put your name in and get a randomized lineup of champions for all the active titles in NOAH currently. Enjoy!

What Summaslamo Are You

Wrestlers and wrestling moves define your soul, brudder.

David gsa wrestling

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