[Inanimate] diagnoses on that theme

Your inanimate transformation!

A simple inanimate transformation generator. Warning, your changes may last longer than you wish~

Inanimate Transformation daily

Discover who turned you into what. Results change daily.

Your life as Clothing!

After a confusing set of circumstances, you've been transformed into clothes! What did you turn into? How did you end up? Find out that and more!

Inanimate Transformation Spell

What Happens When Stepped Into a Haunted House, You’ll Be Turned Into An Inanimate By a Witch.

Inanimate TF Test

Testing out inanimate transformation mixed with anthro characters.

Gonna Hide Out Under There

You're turned into an anthro fellow's underthings.

Lia's PampTF thing

gross stuff, are you the pamp, or the wearer?

Your fembot transformation.

Somehow you were just transformed into a fembot. What is your new body like?
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