[senpai] diagnoses on that theme

What you'll do to your senpai.

So your senpai surprised you. What would you do?

What did you say to senpai

So you said something Senpai. What was it?

Are you senpai-potential?

Are you a senpai? :O

PMMM Wish Generator

What wish will you trade your soul for?

How Senpai Are You?

Are you kawaii enough for the stereotypical animu girl?

Senpai has something to tell you!

This one has realistic scenarios!Based off: http://en.shindanmaker.com/410688

Do you notice your kouhai? 2

Are you the sort of senpai who notices their kouhai... again?

Can you go SUPER SENPAI!?

Can you senpai!? PLEASE!? FOR KOUHAI?

How to make senpai notice you?

Your guide to make senpai notice you...

senpai yaoi

diagnoses ur [senpai]

What Will You Say To Senpai?

Today is the day you're going to confess to Senpai , what will you say/do?(i will add more once in awhile when I have an idea)

Notice your kouhai? ~Yuri~

A yuri version of "Do you notice your kouhai?"

Will Sachie notice you?

You've been watching Sachie-senpai from afar for a while now...but has she noticed you yet? (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Your kōhai wants to tell you something!

Made a kōhai version. :3Who knows you might actually be the senpai!....Right senpai?

Sempai Shindan

What kind of sempai are you and why does little kouhai like you?

your secret anime desire

what do you really want for your self? (anime edition)

Will Your Senpai Notice You?

Will they? Will they? o:


What is senpai's sexuality, and does he/she like you?


Who is your senpai in uzn
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