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Top or bottom with who in Obey Me?

Which boy will you sleep with and are you top or bottom with him?Characters belongs to NTT Solmare Corp, from the otome game Obey me! Shall we date.

Obey Me! Shall We Date? Life

Have fun

Your Obey Me date!💕

Your'e going on a date with ... who?👀💓Results will be different from day to day🥰💘follow my IG @ aoiro_12 or twitter @ a0iro12 💘

UtaPri kiss Time!

Who would kiss you? For fangirls~~

Your relations with Mystic Messenger's RFA!

Find out your relations with Yoosung, 707, Jaehee, Jumin, Zen and V!

Diabolik Lovers Kiss Time!!

Who's going to suck your blood? For fangirls <3

Your MM Date

do date-y or just fun casual stuff with a mystic messenger character!

your government assigned obey me! oc

I assign you an Obey Me! OC, complete with appearance and relationships. No you can't get Luke as a lover you nasties.

What Kind of Otome Bachelor Are You?

Based off of Otomege Ikemen ShindanMaker. Determines your: Character, Personality, Age, Career/Dream, Hobbies/Likes, Eye/Hair Color. Appearance, Fashion, Backstory, and Good/Bad Endings!(Now with Daily Variation!)

What do Mys Mes characters think of you?

Here are their honest opinions.

Otome Boy Generator

Like the title says. enter a boy name~ I mean, you have to imagine the rest, still...

Mystic Messenger:Ships

What the members think of your ship.

Hakuouki Kiss Time

Will you be kissed by the shinsengumi or....

Utapri Shuffle Unit!!

You're in charge of writing a song for a new shuffle unit involving STARISH and Quartet Night!! Who will it be, and how will it go?

Brothers Conflict Kiss Time

You are in Chii-chan's place now

Your perfect Otome CD Drama 1

An otome drama CD for you!! R18 Possible

Utapri Date

Go on a date with an utapri boy! Fluff, weirdness, and lots of shenanigans ensue.

TMGS love life

Which guy you'll end up with?

Yume100 Shindan

Which prince will be the one to sweep you off your feet? *Princes will be updated everytime a new prince is announced. Names are based on the official Yume100 Website.

Which Fantasy World Otome game Character are You?

This is my first Shindan! Here's Fantasy otome character generator! (May add more later on)

Male Daemons Confession

Imagine that AGG is an otome game, and now these guys confess to you :v

How you are as the princess of Wysteria?

You, the princess of the peaceful country- Wysteria. From a commoner to royalty, how will your life be in the castle with ikemens? Fan parody shindan of Cybird's otome game "Midnight Cinderella: Ikemen Royal Romances"

Your life in Code: Realize world!

Who would you be in the world of Code: Realize? Who would you love? Who would be your best friend? How will it end? Find out now!

Code: Realize Kiss Time

Kisses in Steel London

Shining Shenanigans

I don't even know what this is - just random shenanigans involving utapri characters XD Have fun I guess?

Who is your Tokimemo Girls Side 3 boyfriend?

Who is your Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 3 boyfriend?

Voltage Kiss Time

Which one of the Voltage guys will kiss you?
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