[mobage] diagnoses on that theme

Yume100 Shindan

Which prince will be the one to sweep you off your feet? *Princes will be updated everytime a new prince is announced. Names are based on the official Yume100 Website.

Granblue Fantasy Character Element!

Title says it all. What element is your character!?

What is your IDOLiSH7 card type?

Find out what kind of card you are in IDOLiSH7! Results change every day!Not every result will make sense, but all of them will be fun... ;)

photokatsu roll simulator

get your dream PR! maybe

Ayakashi Ghost Guild Daemon Form!

What type of daemon would you be?

Dragalia Lost Adventurer Generator!

Make a character to roam the lands of New Alberia! Make a Dragaliasona or just an OC!
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