[hero] diagnoses on that theme

Heroic Title

What do the people know you as, hero?

Which Kamen Rider are you?

What form will you transform into as a Rider?

What's your UNIQUE Boku NO Hero QUIRK (LIMITED 50)

Find out your very own QUIRK from the anime My Hero Acadamia!!

You are a SUPERHERO~

What would your superhero name be? (You can pretty much guess the power with the name).


What kind of superhero are you?

Hero Diagnosis

What kind of hero are you?

Hero Stats

Tried making a stat thing for heroes, let me know what I can add!

Superpowers and more!

Find out your hidden abilities!

How do you save the day?

The apocalypse is here, death and chaos rain down from all directions! But wait, who's that rescuing everone? It's... You??

Create your Shonen Hero self!

Encompasses by the inks of Mangaka gods, you are now drawn into the pages of a shonen manga, destined to fight evil, and maybe if you get popular enough you will go beyond to crossover with more worlds of action and adventure.

What is your power move?

What's your trump card?
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