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Fire Emblem Character Generator

See what kind of character in Fire Emblem you would be!

Fire Emblem (1-15) Character Creator

A lot of classes appear more than once and have different weapons, so I have chosen what weapons I think work best with each class. Also, no classes are gender specific so you might end up with a male cleric or female monk.

Your Fire Emblem Reverse Harem

Who's in your Harem? A word of warning: It's highly likely you'll get someone you don't want (since this includes minor bosses). Naga will be in this and the female one whenever it gets made. Limstella won't be in this (is only referred in-game as female).

Fire Emblem kiss time

Awakening and Fates (for now...)

Your FE: Fates Life

I think I'm ready for this!Are you ready?#NohrianScum

FEH pairing maker

Fire Emblems Heroes is a giant crossover with Fire Emblem. Let's make some pairings with characters who either have an official age of 18+ or implied to be.Warning: This can't account for incest or character's canon sexuality.

FE OC generator

Create your own Fire Emblem OCs at the press of a button! Results change each day for added fun!

What Fire Emblem archetype are you?

Includes classic and new archetypes.

What's your Fire Emblem: Three Houses crest?

Find out what FE:3H crest you have! All of the crests from FE:3H, including the crests from Dragon signs, are present. Spoilers maybe.

Fe heroes event character generator

Generates a special event character

Your Path in Fire Emblem if

Can't figure out whether to choose between Hoshido and Nohr? Let's this generator decide for you.

What do the FE:A 2nd Gen characters think of you?

What do Lucina and the others think of you?

Which Fire Emblem Character (in SSB4) are you?

As the title says!

Which Side are You in Fire Emblem If?

Which side are you on.

Which side do you choose in FE:Fates?

It's an important decision...

Fire Emblem Stats

See how OP or Trash Tier you are!

Fire Emblem 16 House Picker

What House will you be in?

Who should You draw from Fire Emblem 3 Houses

Stuck on who to draw? Come here for a daily prompt exclusive to YOU. Excludes Villains for Spoiler Reasons.
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