[Monsters] diagnoses on that theme

Your Unique Digimon

Draw your own digimon just like Takato. Can't find inspiration? I'm here to help. This randomly generates all the needed details of creating your very own digimon. For their attacks and weapon of choice refer to another one of my generators, since this onl

what's your fantasy sona?

orc? witch? knight? who knows!

Monster person generator!

because why not? [changes daily]

Monstergirl Relationship

What kind of relationship do you have with a Monstergirl. (Try everyday for a different result.)

What monster are you

To test what monster you are.. or will become

Your Creature Inside

what you would be as a monster

Monstergirl Relationship (Family Version)

Just like Monstergirl Relationship, but with family.

Angel Generator

body horror tw

Who's Your Digimon?

This entails as to which digimon you're partnered with out of the preexisting digimon.

What is your Monster/hybrid/being Girl/Boy self

If you were a monster girl/boy what would you be?

Your Digivice

This will give you the model of your digivice, it's dual colour scheme, and your crest - including some original crests.

What Kind of Digimon Partner Are You?

This will answer what role you play within the digimon universe.

Your Beastform

Learn your true form!

You As A Naga/Lamia

How do you look like as a snake girl, or boy

Wreckstate Monster Generator

find out ur inner monster based off my ocverse. You, too can have a pal just like wreckstation. make your own silly sentai/power ranger style motw!!

Your REAL Monster Identity!

Hello again Jackbox users. You did know everyone is a monster, right? ...You didn't know you were one? We've got you covered; we know exactly what you are, so come unveil your true self here! -MoonlightMirage

Monster + Job

It's hard to adjust to human life if you aren't a human. What are you, and what job have you found for yourself? Great for story prompts or just for fun.

What otherworldly inhuman beast are you?

what it says on the tin. welcome to monsterhood

Monster Girls & Boys

Create those spooky cuties

Monster Seeking Monster ... Prom Edition?!

Hey Jackbox player! We heard that you are looking to find a monstrous date but you just can't seem to match with anyone. So, with this diagnosis, we can use your nickname to determine the right species for you~! Happy dating!!-MoonlightMirage

What Vampire are You?

Which vampire are you?

Aberrant Creature Maker

makes weird quasi-poetic creatures. CWs for body horror and blood and whatnot

Quest 64

What character are you?

Your LGBT Monster OC

A generator that gives a you a prompt for a queer monster oc!

Do you have a candy cane monsters mind?

NOTE:FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE ONLYJust wait to see the results.

Your young adult TV pilot

What will the premise of your Young Adult TV Pilot be? Based on the series of books by somebody or other!

What large monster from Monster hunter are you ?

Includes all large monsters from all mainline games up to Monster hunter Rise.

Monster Gen

i haven't seen any generators that were just exclusively monsters that wasn't all boring ones. note: powerful non-humanoid monsters can have humanoid forms if you want
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