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Pretty Cure OC/Sona Generator

makes a completely original pretty cure character!to note, the available cure names were based off of the following themes:planets, gaming, ocean, insects, candy, precious metals, medieval, yokai, artists/art, seasons, gemstones, birds, and more!!

Personality Generator- OCEAN/Big Five

Rates each basic trait out of five, giving you a template for a character's personality. For definitions and more info: https://www.123test.com/big-five-personality-theory/

Vrutal Pirate Adventure

The awesome adventures in the ocean.

Star Ocean 2 Talent Diagnosis

Which Star Ocean 2 talents would your character have?

Endless Ocean Quest Generator

What scenario will prompt you to go on an adventure today?!

ocean lover

i like video games nature and my friends.

Ocean Man [True]

「STAND USER」Ocean Man「USER'S ROLE」Minor Ally「STAND INFORMATION」Stand Ability: Ocean ManipulatioStand Sub-Ability: Stand Form: HumanoidStand Type: Long-Range StandMiscellaneous: This Stand is sentient, as it has its own personality.Battle Cry: No

Oceanside Kid's Qualities

This is to test your qualities as a student of Oceanside High School!

océane et stray kids.


ocean one

i like frens and tingz

Ocean lion

I dont know what is going on


Boiling ocean

Sasha Rhazyviek

Flowing brown hair, ocean blue eyes, scar over chin





Communes de France : Manche (50)

the virgin Océan Atlantique vs the Chad Manche
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