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Your Life as a Kpop Star Diagnosis

Your Life as a Kpop Star
Your Life as a Kpop Star Diagnosis


i like anime and kpop


i like kpop,anime,mcyt and other fandoms. i’m a minor. i like chicken! i support lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈! my fav colour is blue and black!

How you KPOP Girl Group would be like

Imagine you were in a KPOP girl band.... What role would you take? What would be your concept? Under what company would you be? What is your group called? What are their fans called? This test would answer that and more.

what kpop song are you

a bit random ig

which kpop iconic line are you ?

find out which kpop iconic line you are

your kpop boy soulmate

find your soulmate bestie

you as a random kpop song

A simple diagnosis that uses just one list.

KPOP Group

What is your KPOP group like?


I love kpop and my ults are twice and blackpink and bias are ot9 and ot4

kpop idols

Make me date someone is kpop

life as a kpop idol

your life as a kpop idol

Your kpop girl group

how would your girl group look like?

If you were in a kdrama with kpop idols

If you were in a kdrama with kpop idols


I love kpop?


kpop idol life

Y/N as a kpop idol

Y/N I was born February 14th 1998 I I love swimming and dancing and I like to read.

If you debut in a kpop group

This is jusy for fun :3

Kpop juni


I am a kpop fan

I am a kpop fan

your kpop debut (girl group)

See who YOU are bitch

Your kpop debut group


Kpop i think

I'm really shy but when i get used to people i am always the crazy one

Your kpop life 😩🤚🏾

Your here just to be here


Kpop fan and anime fan

Kpop teams


which kpop group are you in + your kpop besties

the kpop group you would be in, and which kpop idols are in your friend group


kpop stan // bisexual

If you were in a kpop group...(bg vers.)

What you as a kpop idol would be like! (boygroup edition)
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