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Character Generator - Personality 1

Check out other Character Generators! Personality one has sense of humor, intelligence, and alignment. Check out Personality 2!

How Funny are You?

A Chart that scales your:Humor, Dark Humor, Jokes, Dad Jokes, and Puns.Go nuts.

how funny you are?

percentage of your humor

You're A Dragon!

What type of dragon are you?Update: Added some humorous results and new dragon types, along with other new things

Hubungan dengan wanna one


Your Random OFF Experience

Contains really weird humor. Beware.


an choco-humor hyper


cute and humorous

Paballo Moeketsi

A big hearted, laid back guy with a sense of humor and a Peculiar personality

Daniel Clifton

15 years old from Michigan. Plays soccer, video games, humor, and school.


humorous, very loving, athletic
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