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Your Lucky Item of the day

Ask Midorima Shintarou for your lucky item of the day nanodayo!

what anime would you belong in?

tells you what anime you belong in, what character you are, and what your fate within the fictional world is! good luck!

Who's your BTS future husband

You wondered who's your BTS future husband? Let's check it out. Good luck

Your edgelord name!

Better luck next time, kid.

Furry Bara Bedmate

Who's that lucky guy you love to sleep with?

Who is your 48 Family waifu?

Check your future 48 family wife! (Luck Test!)

Your Mystical Transformation

Find out what will you be as a mystical creature! *result really depends on luck*

Who will you have sex with?

Someone got lucky~ But with who and where?

Ensemble Stars - Perform with Me!

You're invited to perform with the Enstars boys! Good luck!

Your lucky flower

What flower is associated with you and what does it stand for?Please tell me if you know more flowers and their meanings so I can add them.

Legend Festival Luck Test

Find out your lucky today.

Fantasy rpg growth v.6

After a migthy deed or a lucky shot your physical stats received an upgrade! How do they impact your look?

become a part of bts

good luck ^___^

Generate Your Twitter Bio!

Making your Twitter bio? It can be hard to learn to be politically correct from reading quality journalism from Tumbleblogs alone. Luckily, I can help automate this for you!FormatAge | Pronouns | MBTI | Identity | Triggers | Personal

Ultimate Perverted Meter

So... I've seen this kind of shindan around... So I dicided to 'upgrade' them and make this one. Good luck!

Todays Lucky Item

Your lucky item for today :3

Your lucky months!

Some months are better suited for you, some are not. Find out here!

fnaf night guard oc creater

need help with making a night guard oc ? well you in luck my friend case this well help you

Candy Machine

WORK IN PROGRESS-- this will not yield any results just yet!! [INSERT 2 COINS] A candy machine with various sweets and small trinkets/toys catches your eye. You decide to try your luck and put in 2 coins to twist the knob. Let's see what you got‼

Touken Ranbu OTP Generator

This is an OTP generator. Input your name and if you're lucky enough, your OTP will show up! If you get a wrong OTP please try again tomorrow ☆

Your Encounter With Coach Night!

Your senior year at school is going well and you can't wait to graduate! However there's one distraction: #CoachNight the huge, musclebound tiger. With his charming smile and kind demeanor, he is constantly on your mind. Maybe you'll get lucky with him!

Who is your HxH Husbando?

Who's the lucky guy? Where did you meet? ?? Find out now.

Granblue Fantasy [Legend Fes] 10 Gacha Test Roll

Test your luck on the [Legend Festival] SSR*2 chance roll on Granblue Fantasy!Change your name to try another roll. Results reset daily.



Your Fate with B2ST

May luck be in your favor

Who is your fated Granblue Fantasy waifu?

Granblue Fantasy has many cute girls, there is no doubting that. It is perfectly understandable if you find yourself overwhelmed by their alluring beauty. Luckily for you, this shindan will automatically tell you your destined lover!

SHINee and your luck.

who knows what you're gonna get?
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