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Ensemble Stars Love Confession

You've confessed to one of the Enstars boys! How will he react?

enstars school life generator

what's your school life like

Enstars Idol Crush

Who likes you and who do you like

Which Ensemble Stars Character? Poll.

A shindan that gives you four random enstars characters. Make a poll with your results and get your followers to vote on whom you are most similar to!

Ensemble Stars Hate Confession

You've said "I hate you" to one of the Enstars boys! How will he react?

Ensemble Stars - Your Harem!

See who's in your Enstars harem!

You as an Ensemble Stars! boy

Diagnose what kind of an enstars idol you would be!

Ensemble Stars Hot Spring Time!

Time to perv on Enstars idols in the hot spring!

Enstars - Eichi Talktime

Eichi's struggling to say something to you!

Ensemble Stars End

It seems like you've passed away...how will the Enstars boys react?

Enstars date

you date the enstars idols, how does it go?

EnStars: Talktime with Izumi

Izumi has something to say to you!

enstars wedding

a sequel to my last shindan i guess

Enstars - Talktime with Rei

Grandpa Vamp has something to say to you!

Your personal enstarsona

Discover your generated ensemble stars idol

Enstars - Talktime with Ritsu

Sleepy Vamp has something to say to you!

Which Enstars Unit do you belong to? [POLL]

You're now in Yumnosaki Academy, but which on is your unit? Are you a Sentai Hero or a Rabbit?

Ensemble Stars - Graduation Day

It's time for graduation. Say your farewells to the Enstars boys!

Enstars - Talktime with Kaoru

The local flirt has something to say to you!

Enstars OC generator

What would you look like as an Ensemble Stars idol?

Enstars - Talktime with Tsukasa

Tsukasa has something to say to you!

your enstars boyfriend!!

which enstars character is your husbando?? (i know theres a shindan like this already but it doesn't work so i thought id make a new one!!)

Enstars - Talktime with Koga

Wolf Boy has something to say to you!

Ensemble Stars - Perform with Me!

You're invited to perform with the Enstars boys! Good luck!

Enstars - Talktime with Keito

Salty Specs has something to say to you!

Enstars - Talktime with Wataru

Masked Pervert has something to say to you!

Ideal Ensemble Stars Idol Group!

Your random ideal 4 member group with enstars boys!!

whos your government assigned enstars kin

the title says it all

Enstars Scout!

Will you get a 5*? Or will you get a 3*?
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