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Secret Fetish - Cuz I'm Bored

What is the patient's secret turn-on? (Note: All these are ones that exist. I didn't make any of these up)

When Will You Lose Your Virginity? (10/13/2017)

I got bored. This is purely for fun (not that kind of fun).

nct life cause why not

im bored

wayv - who is your soulmate?

well i’m bored :(

your NCT soulmate (ot21)

at this point i'm just bored af

What would you bang?

Checks how far you could go if really lonely, or bored

compatibility with bts (im bored)


If you were in a harem

I'm really bored

MX - Kiss, F**k or Marry 🌼

I’m bored lol

Genshin Impact OC generator 😽😽

Shit man I was bored. I’ll edit this later to make it more specific

who is your anime lover????

im bored..... . .. these are from snk / free! bc im lazy

who in x1 kills you

im bored

ur relationship with x1

im bored again

Who is your Pokémon bae?

I was bored...

you are bored

what should you do

Your wedding day in twisted wonderland

Lmfaooo boredom got me

Your RWBY Senpai [Female]

For those who like females or are just curious/bored.

Monsta X****marry, kill

I was bored

SnK Twitter RT Dares

just in case anyone's bored... (there's some non-SnK dares inside too)

find out your gemsona

bleh i was bored. type in your name to find out your gemstone's location and the gemstone, as well as their weapon.

Who is BTS to you

idk its 3am and im bored

Trollsona Generator

generates a Trollsona/FantrollYou can choose to discard any info you find unnecessary for your purposes, this was mainly created for me to use when I'm bored. Hopefully, others find this fun as well :)

Your TRUE Sexuality?

Have fun with this because I DON'T KNOW THIS IS MY FIRST ONE IM Bored

Your BTS date

3am and am bored

Random Drawing Ideas!

When you're bored just come here and find out what to draw!!

Your male OC maybe?

Male OCs only, if you're bored then draw this ! (that fav type is his favorite type/his type idk up to you C: )

Your girlfriend is a kpop idol

I'm just bored and gay tbh so... Have fun!

Roleplay generator, 1 x 1

Roleplay generator, for if your bored. nsfw
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