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Your Pokemon Form Base Stats/Type/Ability v2.1

Find out what are your stats, ability and typing if you were a Pokemon.All Abilities and Types included up to OR/AS

What is your magic ability?

Find out what your secret abilities are due to your name!

Gemsona Ability

You've tried the Maker and weapon, and you have Standard gem abilities, but what is your unique power? If you want to mix it up, use your real name AND your gem name, and have 2 powers

How would you look as a video game character?

So you and your friends are arguing over who can beat who in a fight and you want someone or something to give you a clear, unbiased opinion on your stats and abilities. So I made this for that reason, and to laugh at how weak my character is.

Persona 5 Social Stats

Determine your different capabilities in your social life

-UnOrdinary Ability Generator- [Daily Change]

This is based of UnOrdinary. It involves actual abilities but also some fan made named abilities [Silly and Serious].

Your psychic abilities

Find out your psychic abilities.

Character Generator - Basics

A Generator For Character Basics. Also see Name, Appearance, Abilities and Personality Generator

What would your Overwatch abilities be?

Find out what abilities you would have if you were in Overwatch!

Super Abilities

What could your super ability be?

How good are your abilities at survival?

Take this shindan to generate a chart that depicts your skills at survival!

3 Of Your Personality :p

1 : your look (ex : cool)2 : your abilities (ex : swim)3 : your mood (ex : angry)

Your MegaMan Battlenetwork navi

Your navi abilities and status if he was in a BattleNetwork game

Unordinary Abilities (AccurateStats)

This generator accurately averages stats.

DanMachi Adventurer Status

your basic abilities in DanMachi!!

What are your abilities?

What are your attacks and abilities?(largely inspired by Final Fantasy)

Superpower Randomizer

Randomizes superpowers from this wikihttp://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Supernatural_Powers_and_Abilities along with some motifs that you can work with

Superpowers and more!

Find out your hidden abilities!

Your Ultimate Stats And Abilities

Discover your two Abilities and your combat statsPassive type abilities are innate but can be controlled to a certain degree.Activation type abilities are generally more impactful but require more skill and practice.

unOrdinary ability generator (UNORIGINAL)

Hi! This is my first generator, I made it for fun. Sooooo enjoy! (THIS MAY BE INNACURATE WITH THE ABILITY LEVELS MATCHED UP W/ THE ABILITIES)

Elemental Ability

Find out your meta abilities-----You can get more than 1 ability after the 'Elite' rarity

What Kirby ability are you?

Includes Kirby 64 and some final/super abilities.

What are your Capabilities?

Whatchu good at?


its in the title

What Bravely Second Jobs will you use?

What Bravely Second Jobs will you use? Includes a Job Command and one random Ability.Only Jobs and Abilities from Bravely Second will appear.

If you were a Pokemon species

Find out what kind of Pokemon you'd be if you were a Pokemon species. Including all possible type combinations, all possible Abilities, and base stats.

Your Pokemon Stat Generator

Find out your Pokemon stats, typing, and abilities. Updated to Gen 8.

What is your Ability?

You may get one, or up to 3. Random with 156 different abilities. You may want to look one up if you don't understand it.

Elemental Ability Chart

Its basic Abilities
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