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1. Romance stats! (14,785)
Get your personalized romance stats, and finally figure out what type of lover you are~
2. Oppa Romance! (13,815)
Find your true Kpop lover
3. Why you are cute! (1,242)
Find out why you're cute! Version 2: Its nicer!
4. First kiss with Senpai (624)
How will your first kiss with Senpai go?
5. What Disney song describes your love lif... (618)
Get your diagnosis here. Don't question it.
6. A Night With B.A.P (579)
I'm just trying out actually.. Heheh.. For girls only~
7. First date with a Kamen Rider (435)
8. You're in distress!! (297)
What's the sitch and who comes to your rescue? <3
9. harry potter soulmate (128)
find that special someone hehe
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