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Hetalia**** (11,190)
Which Hetalia character will be****you tonight? ;D
Your Hetalia Life (3,046)
Your life in the world of Hetalia!
Who is your Hetalia boyfriend? (18,404)
You want to know..
Your Hetalia Family (2,212)
Who makes up your Hetalia family? Includes the Nyo's!
Hetalia Gakuen life! (2,614)
Your friends, best classmates, boy/girlfriends~ etc.
Your Hetalia date (16,502)
Find out wich is your perfect date from the Hetalia characters
Hetalia Family (~-~)/ (6,471)
Family! Family!!!!
Hetalia Love Triangle! (4,961)
Who loves who?
Doing hetalia (4,125)
What can YOU do to the hetalia characters?
Hetalia Role (6,078)
What would you be in the Hetalia Universe?
Cosplay Hetalia character (8,640)
wich Hetalia character and how would you cosplay best?
What Hetalia OC should YOU make? (1,240)
Just a base to get you started! Includes country, gender, and whether they're 1P/2P or Nyotalia...
Who are you in Hetalia? (1,522)
Who would you be? o:
Who&039;s your Hetalia Waifu? (2,226)
Includes Nyo!
Who's your Hetalia boyfriend? (3,727)
Your Hetalia boyfriend, and how long it lasts
Cute Hetalia Date <3 (3,201)
Aw, you two should go on a date...
Hot Night With Hetalia (5,686)
Title says it all.
Your Hetalia Threesome (7,449)
Click it and find out. lD
Date with Ivan Braginski (2,958)
How does it go?
Hetalia (4,306)
Who&039;s your Hetalia Husbando? (3,507)
Whoop. There's more guys then girls.
Awesome Test! (Hetalia!) (984)
Are you Prussia level awesome or are you just a lame-o?
Random Hetalia pair generator (1,193)
Find out which silly couple you get!
What Hetalia Nordic are you (1,174)
Basically you find out which Hetalia Nordic you are. Results change everyday
♥ Your Hetalia Boyfriend ♥ (3,109)
♥ I know you want to try this~ ♥
Hetalia character~ (1,522)
Whos YOUR Heta Boyfriend? (2,883)
Wow wow find ur nation man!
Hetalia Date <3 (3,982)
Which Country will you go out with?
what hetalia nation r u (3,521)
u r
What kind of Doitsu are you? (3,086)
Doitsu- a fish or a Japanese word for Germany
HetaOni? (4,045)
If you enter a certain deserted, Japanese-style mansion...
Date with Arthur Kirkland. (5,193)
Where does it go?
Hetalia Game~! (6,553)
for fun!
Your Hetalia classmates (187)
What if the Hetalia characters were in your class?
Party hard with the Hetalia people (137)
Hetalians would call it "Disco Pogo".
Your relations with the Hetalia characte... (352)
Find out your relations with the Hetalia people for fun! XD When it comes to romance, just choose th...
(APH) F❤︎CK! MARRY! KILL! (636)
ok you nematodes, the real big question: which three hetalia characters would you marry, kill, and d...
Who’s Your Nyo/Hetalia Soulmate? (415)
Features roughly all countries; 2P ver, Nyo ver, 2P Nyo, and normal.
Hetalia Group (269)
Random group of Hetalia characters
Random Hetalia Character (471)
For when you want a random hetalia character
Which 2p Hetalia character are you? (881)
read the title kids
Which Hetalia Nordic are you? (980)
You can be one of the five!
Will you die in Busby&039;s Chair (910)
Will you die in Busby's Chair from Hetalia? You've been warned.
Who is your Hetalia best friend? (1,206)
just for fun
What did your Hetalia best friend to you... (2,420)
Find out which Hetalia character is your best friend and what he/she had done to you.
Hetalia OTP~ (1,101)
OTP~ ^-^
Hetalia Boyfriend~ (2,749)
Hetalia Boyfriend >w<
Your Hetalia Date-- (1,255)
who is your bae
What hetalia character will you date? (1,490)
states the title
What fatal disease do you have?/Hetalia ... (1,316)
Just a random thing
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