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Magical Girl Creator (158)
Make a magical girl based on your name.
What are your Magical Girl stats? (203)
Inspired by Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
Become a Mahou Shoujou! (122)
let's get magical!!
Create a magical girl (85)
A generator for girls of the magical variety.
Magical Girl Community College (605)
Your stats as a student at Magical Girl Community College. Different stats every day!
Magical Beginnings (32)
What may or may not be your magical start.. (semi-WIP)
[SakuMatsu] Magical Girl Simulator (57)
Sakura Matsuri August 2019
What Magical Girl Animal Companion Are Y... (65)
What Magical Girl Animal Companion Are You?
As a Mage, you are... (331)
You as a mage or some sort of magical user. I'll update this maybe !
Your magical girl oc (81)
Based off anime puella magi madoka magical
Aikatsu! Magical Stage identity (119)
Know your AMS character! Who are you in this world of magical idols? Follow AMS on Instagram @aikat...
Create a witchsona (5,312)
Find out your witchsona! Including power level, magical specialty, elemental strength, witch marking...
Magical Girl Powers (312)
What is your secret Magical girl power?
-What Magic Do You Have + Stats- (476)
Find out what your magical attribute is along with how good yours is. [The graph is quite small]
~ Magical girl maker (detailed) ~ (212)
Become a cute magical girl and save the world from evil! ~ Decided to make this, because the other m...
♡ the ultimate magical girl creator ♡ (68)
What are you waiting for? Click the button and become a magical girl! Feel free to suggest items/ha...
Character Traits (29)
This Shindan tells you the magic traits of your character!~
Magical Girl Sona (40)
Dej&039;s Character Universe Stat Sheet (64)
Use this to find out what your results would be on the offiicial M.A. (Magical Assessment) test! Ple...
Your Magical Power (625)
What is your magical power?
In a magical fantasy world...? (3,485)
This shows your life in a magical fantasy world. Sort of?
You as Magical Farm Animal (142)
I really have no idea why I thought of this. Just try it.
Magical Girl Madness (225)
Randomly generates a magical girl oc based on your name
Magical Fursona Generator (368)
A shinden that tells a little story. who will you be?
What fantasy girl will you become? (221)
Dr. Tiresias throws the switch on his magical morphinator. "Enjoy your new life!" he cackl...
Magical User Sona/OC (234)
What is your magical user sona? Do you need ideas for your magical girl/boy OC? enter in your name. ...
Show Time! (191)
Magical Character Creator
Mystery Fantasy Weapon Box (303)
(Note: There is only melee weapons for now and has rarities from Common to Mythical and weapon grade...
Magical Girl Identity Generator (363)
Find out your magical girl identity
1 by @Mew26Emma
your magical girl attack (127)
be the best magical girl
Your Fairy Tail Life (2,443)
How would you live in this magical world?
You Are a Puella Magi! (383)
Kyuubey has chosen you to become a magical girl, and you accept and make a contract! What is your ma...
Your Wizard Staff (258)
You get a magical staff!
Fantasy Feral Feline Attack (105)
You are captured by a big sexy male magical feline beast. What is your fate?
2 by @Vinea2000
What Hybrid Supernatural/Magical Creatur... (316)
Find out what kind of hybrid you are (Some results may contain doubles) *CHANGES DAILY*
Your Fairy Element at Enchantix High! (337)
You just have been accepted into the exquisite Enchantix High School for Fairies and Mermaids! Befor...
Your Magical Girl Raising Project OC (893)
OC gen for the light novel series Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
Your Fruit Magical Girl ~ (20)
Crea la tua ragazza magica! :)
Your OC Creator (1,002)
Create your own OC (including magical stuff)
Magical Alter Ego Generator (577)
Usable for all genders! Become a magical being with your name!
Magical Character (134)
Become you to a magical character! Then draw it and share the result under the hastag #MyMagicalChar...
• ♥ mahou shoujo team ♥ • (472)
create a magical girl team
Magical Girl Description Generator (921)
get a japanese name, a brief description, and stats.
Ultimate Magical Girl (365)
A magical girl generator that is hopefully more precise for those who use this site for designing.
Your Magical Weapon (778)
What would your magical weapon look like and what would it do? Includes a brief description and stat...
Magical Girl OC Generator (2,329)
random magical girl concept generator
Si j&039;étais une Magical Girl je serai... (7)
Un générateur de Magical Girl. Pour le fun.
PMMM OC Generator [Part 3] (612)
Why she became a magical girl, why she continues to fight, and her ultimate fate.
PMMM OC Generator [Part 1] (785)
Your new Magical Girl's genetics (eyes, hair, body type, ect)
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