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Your Fairy Tail Story! (20,114)
See what guild you'd be in and what type of mage you'd be!
Your Inner Monster Girl and Fetish!! [Wi... (8,861)
This gives you a LOT of information and has trillions of possible results. (I'm still updating ...
Fire Emblem Three Houses OC Maker (5,115)
An OC maker for you to make a character for FE3H! Colour name is HTML Image Colour is the colour tha...
What&039;s Your Special Attack? (5,090)
Find out what your attacks called and the amount of damage it'll cause~!
Your Black Clover Life (3,745)
See what your life would be like as a mage in Black Clover.
Government Assigned Paint Color (3,146)
are you Down To Drip? ※Images not included, google the swatch name!※
Your Final Fantasy XIV job class (2,551)
Are you a Black Mage ? a Monk ?
You're thinking of.... (2,378)
READ HERE FIRST!! - Think of the first person/thing/image that came to your mind when your question ...
Animal Crossing Shrinkage 2.0 (2,236)
You were fishing, hunting bugs, fruit collecting, whatever, when you suddenly shrunk down to a small...
YOU ARE A MAGE~! (1,543)
Don't turn me into a sheep, please.
Magic Fighters (1,262)
How would you fight as a mage?
image generator (1,127)
(it doesnt make an image out of thin air, but it shows images! woah!!!) only 24 images at the moment...
Nasuverse - Mage Stats (1,086)
Your basic stats as a mage: Origin, Elemental Affinity and Magic Circuits
Pony Drone TF (1,081)
Based on RedFlare500's images, you've been infected and permanently transformed into a Haz...
Your FairyTail Mage (932)
What person are you in the world of FairyTail
What is your color? (929)
Diagnoses your [Color] (You can use any image editor to find the color)
Ancient Magus Bride Persona (718)
What is your life like in the world of mages, neighbors, and alchemists? (First shindan here we go!...
What kind of Cure are you?*Precure* (688)
What kind of Cure are you? Check it each day! *You should tweet slowly from your smartphone. If it i...
Tattooed Mage (676)
มาลองดูกันว่ารอยสักของคุณจะเป็นแบบไหนและการผจญภัยแบบไหนรอท่านอยู่ (ปล.สุ่มไว้วาดคาร์เฉยๆโนะ) รอยสัก...
Damage of your skill (480)
As the title says. While lesser percentage, less SP, no matter how many hits you deal. (10%-5000%)
Daily Yukine (471)
An image dose of Yukine from Noragami.
As a Mage, you are... (458)
You as a mage or some sort of magical user. I'll update this maybe !
Tarot Reading with descriptions (437)
Tarot cards - plus their meanings - will guide you. (Should I add images of the cards? Tweet your re...
Nasuverse - Mage - Magic Circuit Paramet... (391)
Mages use their Magic Circuits to make magecraft, which are ranked according to their quantity and q...
mage shindan (377)
for the dA rp group m-a-g-e *____*
You&039;re a mage now (333)
Congratulations, you're now a mage now. but what sort?
Nasuverse - Thamaturgical Foundation (327)
What is your school of magecraft?
Magicsona Generator (288)
Magical and mystical, what will you be? A gentle pyromancer, or a terrifying life mage? An eerie div...
Mage Class (268)
Your Mage Specification!
What Hybrid Dog Breed is right for you? (259)
Hybrids are cute. Google the images. :)
Your Labirinth of Touhou Moveset. (259)
What's it gonna be? A physical attacker? A Mage? A healer? Check it out!
Random Outfit Picker (252)
Just wanting to practice outfits, so finding images or lists about the internet and choosing at rand...
Nasuverse - Elemental Affinity (223)
If you are into the Nasuverse, and you are a mage, then you have an elemental Affinity. But, what is...
Order Mage Maker (201)
Make yourself as an Order Mage from Orcs Must Die
Mage persona Generator (198)
What kind of mage are you??
What level Niceguy are you? (182)
how ready are you to defeat chads and whiteknight all women of any race, creed, or nationality (exce...
Your animal crossing looks (165)
Use this with https://picrew.me/image_maker/263812 to make your character! You can freely interpret ...
☆ your deresute image song ☆ (150)
3, 2, 1 - an idol should always have their own solo! what ends up being yours?
What Guinea Pig are you? (149)
If you image search for the result you'll get the idea...
Curse Forecast (124)
How likely are you to be cursed by bad images online?
0 by @DatZash
Severe brain damage (109)
Omg porn sex amazing
Who is your Toshi City lover? (105)
sponsored by the mayor and powered by green energy sources ☆ p.s. we do not take responsibility for ...
What&039;s your IDOLMASTER image song? (97)
assigns you one of the image songs from cinderella girls, million live, sidem, 876 pro and all stars...
Which image are you? (68)
be appreciative
which world zero subclass are u (63)
mage kinda trash
Mageanekko is (62)
What are you?
the ancient magus bride (61)
what creature are you human sleighbeggie elf silkie torn child mage
RedDevilBonnie (56)
RedDevilBonnie is my YT channel name and Twitter account. I just want to make this for my YT front p...
ウォフレ武器言えるかな?Can you say WARFRAME weapons... (54)
Deadlock Protocolまでの、文字通り”全武器”を含んでいます。 *画像アップローダー側のバグにより意図しない画像が表示される場合があります this contains literall...
Kinda of Mage (40)
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