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You but as a D&D character (32,966)
What kind of Dungeons and Dragons character are you?
What are your D&D stats? (14,350)
Find out what your stats are in Dungeons and Dragons.
Slave Master Dragons (5,546)
You have been caught and kidnapped by the Slave Master Dragons! What will they do to you?
Flight Rising Dragon Creator (5,233)
Make a dragon or find your dragon persona! Updated 10/06/15
Alignment (3,803)
Dungeons and Dragons-style alignments.
How much Dragoness Booty will you get? (1,709)
Dragoness Booty is best Booty, and everybody wants some...but some people will just get more than ot...
What type of dragon would you be? (1,531)
I have an obsession with studying dragons, so here you go. I excluded quite a few kinds to avoid con...
Your Personalized DND Character! (1,511)
Take this as a template for a dungeons and dragons character if you're low for ideas! It includ...
Your Buddyfight Buddy [Dragon Edition] (1,241)
Who could ever be your possible buddy in the Buddyfight universe? Let's find out! [Dragon Editi...
What Dungeons and Dragons race are you? (1,030)
Find out what Dungeons and Dragons race you ought to be, or maybe play next? With a huge list that i...
Can this guess your D and D Alignment? (796)
What alignment would you hold in the universe of Dungeons and Dragons?
What are your D&D stats? (725)
Don't actually use this unless the DM allows it. We're getting close to 1000 uses! Thanks...
You as a Flight Rising dragon (642)
You as an FR dragon. Mispelling of "pearlcatcher" was to fit character constraints (the sa...
Puzzle and Dragons Card Creator (605)
What card will you get?
Which Dragcave Species Are You (582)
All dragons used in this belong to their makers and the website. this is for merely fan purposes and...
Dragon hoards (557)
What kind of dragon are you and what do you hoard?
D&D5e Character Generator (540)
A generator for your own PC following the rules of Dungeons&Dragons 5th Edition. Includes Race, ...
wich scp r u (523)
tumblr user dragons rur se: a series of games that are like amnesia- the monster catches you, you di...
FR Dragon! (flight and breed only) (438)
This time with no genes or colors listed.
DnD 5e Character Generator (400)
Create a Level 1 Dungeons & Dragons character, with race, class, weapon, armor, inventory, stats...
Assign My D&D Character! (370)
Designates you a fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons race and class. No guarantees as to feasibili...
Your Stat Block in Dungeons and Dragons (366)
What are your six stats? Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma
Your FR Dragon! (colors only) (315)
Find out your Flight Rising dragon--this time with no genes listed. Colors are listed in Primary/Sec...
your dungeons and dragons build (304)
what is you are dungeons and dragons character build
You&039;re A Dragon! (282)
What type of dragon are you? Update: Added some humorous results and new dragon types, along with o...
FR Dragon! (genes only) (280)
Find out your Flight Rising dragon--this time with no colors listed.
Flight Rising Dragon Creator [update] (262)
Create a dragon, or find your dragonsona!
Flight Rising dragons (261)
What kind of dragon are you?
Dungeons & Dragons Stats (207)
Your IRL D&D stats
What kind of Istaria Dragon are you? (195)
WHAT TYPE ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!? Istaria is an mmo where you can play as a dragon! Get the game here: h...
how to train your dragon dragon partner (187)
What dragons is your partner and protecter
Dungeons & Dragons Stats (180)
See what your D&D stats are
Your dungeons and dragons stats! (167)
Use this generator to determine your starting stats for dnd
Your DnD Level (Dungeons and Dragons) (131)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-20 to generate the user's "level."
Dragon Cave Dragons: Who are you? (105)
What Dragon Cave dragon are you? View http://dragcave.wikia.com/ for more information about any spec...
Your Derple... (95)
Unlock the bumpy mysteries of the soul.
What dragon is going to be your partner (90)
I made the dragons so what dragon partner are you going to have.
D&D Character by Name (87)
Enter a name you think its cool and get a random detailed Dungeons and Dragons character, with race,...
What HTTYD dragon would be your companio... (82)
A sequel to my original Shindan about rideable HTTYD dragons but this time with the small dragons yo...
Oc Maker - Dragons! (Detailed one) (77)
My first maker, i wanna make useful one owo
Wand of Risk (68)
Dungeons of dragons 5th edition Magic item effect generator
Your FR Self Dragon (66)
Scrying workshop but tailored to you ;3c
Who&039;s your Dragon Elder Crush? (53)
For those who want to know which of Spyro's dragon elder dads they would like to be with~ Inclu...
Rus OC maker - Dragons! (детальный) (32)
Мой первый генератор, теперь на русском
Lizard 2 Dragon! (30)
What lizard would your dragon pet be based off of?
WOF Silkwing Genorator (22)
input a name for your silkwing, get a description
WOF Nightwing Genorator (17)
Input the name of your Nightwing and get a description.
Flight Rising Dragon Gen (16)
Have you ever wanted to generate Flight Rising dragons for whatever reason? Well now you can with th...
Dragonsclaw8 (8)
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