[Tabletop] diagnoses on that theme

[NSFW 18+] Form & Function Plot Generator 2

Generate a crossover plot without all that noisy rolling! For use with: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lEwfIVh1uy6uzKVngYyqPfOnNzuWJG-p6Js4aL9NQK0/edit#

What Dungeons and Dragons race are you?

Find out what Dungeons and Dragons race you ought to be, or maybe play next? With a huge list that includes a lot of races that have been heavily tested and include a lot of rescources and most GMs ought to allow (save for a couple more monstrous ones...)

Your D&D Character

Find out what type of D&D Character you'd be.

Stupid Alignment Chart

Are you Lawful Stupid? Or maybe you're Chaotic Tired. Who knows, let's find out!It's a chart on whether you're Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic and Tired/Stupid/Bastard but you know, with some fun stuff sprinkled in.


Extensive race and class combinations included from 3rd party publishers. A generator for inspiration and general brainstorming.

your queer fantasy class aesthetic

Gear up for some goddamn adventure


A 5e dnd generator for fun and inspiration.
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