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Total people diagnosed : 25,192 people
1. X-men Mutant Power (1,130)
Welcome to Xavier’s school for the gifted, before you enroll let’s find out your gift
2. Captain America Movie Suit (116)
Which one is best for u
3. Spider-Man PS4 Suit (157)
Which suit is perfect for u
4. Marvel Ultimate Alliance Character (365)
Your favorite character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance
5. Black Clover Character (11,990)
You in Black Clover
6. Naruto To Boruto Shinobi Striker Class (481)
What Class should your custom character be
7. Luck and Logic World (134)
What World are u associated with
8. Full-Time Magister Element Affinity (652)
Quanzhi Fashi
9. Fairy Tail Magic Power (1,193)
10. Avengers Academy (656)
Who is your favorite character to boss around
11. DC Legends team (422)
Cool game
12. Otogi: Spirit Agent (95)
Who is your Daemon
13. J Stars Victory Vs Fighter character (77)
Jump rules
14. Lyrical Nanoha Device (127)
Device in Nanoha
15. Konosuba Waifu (1,166)
16. Ninjago Elemental Power (1,052)
Elemental power
0 Lego
17. Arrowverse (148)
What CW arrowverse show are u on
18. Exorcist Fighting Style (594)
If u were an exorcist how would u fight
19. Sekirei (504)
Your Sekirei
20. Zatch Bell Mamodo Attribute (207)
Your mamodos attribute
21. Baka and Test class (250)
Class in Baka and Test
22. Beyblade (892)
Your Bey
23. Star Wars TOR class (663)
Your class in Star Wars including advanced
24. Your LRIG (118)
25. What Marvel/DC Superhero are u (1,864)
26. Luck and Logic Foreigner (139)
Find who you trance with
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