[Tv] diagnoses on that theme

Your Sitcom Cast

Find out who you'll be stuck with. (It's okay to Google them - no one will look down on you)

Your Glee OTP

Diagnoses your favourite Glee OTP

House Siguls

For Game of Thrones what would your House Sigul be?

Your South Park life!

Yes i know you always wanted to know how'd your life in South ParkA dream? a Nightmare?

Which Breaking Bad Character..

Find out which Breaking Bad character you are.

Which Only Fools character are you?

Which Only Fools and Horses character are you?

This is stupid.

I'm bored.

Your young adult TV pilot

What will the premise of your Young Adult TV Pilot be? Based on the series of books by somebody or other!


What CW arrowverse show are u on

Who is your South Park boyfriend?

Not malice involved.please don't sexualize kids.

Which TV Show should you watch next?

mostly britcoms but i'll try to add more

Darmok Fortune

Your fortune, as told by a Tamarian (Star Trek TNG, Episode 5x02). The Tamarian language is entirely based on metaphors derived from their own experience and mythology, making their language extremely difficult for a non-Tamarian to understand.

Your Always Sunny episode

How would your day with the Gang - or other characters - from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia go?

sense8 spouse

who you marryin brah (includes some minor characters)

Red Dwarf Alignment

Which character(s) are you most like?


Chill, Loves to cuddle, Smart, Funny
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