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1. Catholic Boi School Vibes of Greater Cin... (48)
What vibes did God decide to curse you with for all of your adolescence??????
2. Your past life as a protein. (42)
Find out what your role in DNA replication is...?
3. what's your electron group configur... (96)
I've run out of things that give me joy.
4. Which organelle does your spirit reside ... (57)
Cells, cells, they're made of organelles.
5. Which bio celeb shares your soul? (162)
find your guru
6. Which Chem21 Lab protocol is your unborn... (27)
tHis is a cry for help
7. How thicc is your molecular shape??? (126)
I've run out of things on this earth.
8. Catholic Girl Schools of Cincinnati Vibe... (78)
You ever wanted to know which Greater Cincinnati Catholic School you vibe with most? Well, now'...
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