[Undertale] diagnoses on that theme

Which Undertale Song Would Be Your Theme?

With links. Some results have spoilers.

Your soul colour. (Undertale)

What is your soul colour?

The Undertale OC Generator

Generates an Undertale OC for you. .... this one got crazy real fast and I'm sorry. Last sentence may or may not make sense.

Undertale character maker!

Random Undertale Ocs of any sort here!

Which Undertale Character Has A Crush On You?

I'll make a Homestuck version as well, with quadrants.

Undertale AU generator

create an alternate universe for undertale (contains spoilers)

Undertale Dating Sim START !!

DATE EVERYONE? [ ♥ Do ] _ [ Do not ]

Undertale OC generator


Undertale Boss Stats - If You Were A Boss

If you were a boss, what would your stats be?

Who is your Undertale soul mate?

Who will your Undertale sou mate be?

Who in Undertale is your Parent, Friend, Lover?

A round of PFL.A Pacifist version of FMK.

Undertale OC Creator

An Undertale OC Creator.

Life in Undertale

What is your life in Undertale like?

Undertale inflation

See how your'e in inflated underfat and by which character

Undertale Character Generator

Just a quick thing if you want to generate a character in the world of undertale.

What is your LOVE?

No one made this yet so why not? LOVE is from Undertale btw. NOTHING TO WITH ROMANCE!

Undertale Battle

What would your opponent's options be if they battled you? Make a poll, or post in a new tweet your reaction to each option!

Who is your best friend in Undertale?

A little late to the party, but let's just see who will ended being your best friend. If anyone. *All characters edition!SPOILERS if you haven't beaten it yet

Which Undertale Main Character Are You?

Characters like Toriel, Papyrus, etc. Very possible spoilers.

Undertale Crushes

Who has a crush on you, who you are crushing on, and who will go yandre for you.

How Does Sans Feel About You?

woA!!! saNs..... cUTE!!1!(Probably going to be worked on in the future, too, because this is actually really fun)

Undertale Human Generator

Put in the made up character's name, not a real person if you want an original oc.

Which Undertale AU Do You Belong In?

Which will it be

Who's your Undertale Parent?

Have a nice day. :)

Your Undertale Life

What would your life be like if you lived in the underground?

Which Undertale Character Are You Most Like?

This time, from almost all the characters. Spoilers.

Who will win Your heart?! (Undertale)

Who'll be the one? :3


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