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Holy Grail War Simulator

You are now a Master. How is your Grail War going? (There are only 7 classes because i ran out of lists.)

Class, Alignment, and Parameter

Your Class, Alignment, and Parameter as a Servant


Find your Alignment!!!

Fate/Grand Order

Fate/GO version


If you join Holy Grail War as Servant, What Class are You?

Heroic Spirit

Find out what Heroic Spirit you are!!

Fate/Grand Order (Saber)

Saber class Only

Type Moonsona Generator

Ever wondered what you would be like if you were born in the Type Moon verses? Click here to find out.

Fate/Grand Order (Caster)

Caster Class Only

Fate/Grand Order (Assassin)

Assassin Class Only


Your Fate/Requiem Servant! Includes figures from the Fate canon and a mix of other historical and mythological personages.

Fate/Grand Order (Archer)

Archer Class Only

Fate/Grand Order (Berserker)

Berserker Class Only

Fate/Grand Order (Lancer)

Lancer Class Only

Fate/Grand Order (Rider)

Rider Class Only

How would you be as a heroic spirit ?

You can know your origin, servant class, stats, skills and noble phantasm.
How would you be as a heroic spirit ?
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