[THEME] diagnoses on that theme

Your theme song

The name of your theme song

Your Aesthetic!

Dont know your aesthetic? Or you want to make a character with a certain aesthetic? Worry no more! I may add something to the core aesthstic list from time to time.

What song from Epic Score is your theme song?

Ever wanted cool music to play when you appeared? Or in a battle or back story?Get your diagnosis now. Also go listen to the song if you haven't heard of it. :D

What song from Fatal Frame is your theme?

Includes songs that have lyrics, besides 1. You can google them if you don't know the series, or just haven't heard certain songs before.

What's the title of your leitmotif?

A leitmotif is a recurring piece of music that represents a character, action, or theme. In this case, You.50 songs can find all on youtube.Song - Artist



Abstract Thematic Randomizer WIP

For creating interesting or unique themes.
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