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Character creator for BNHA

Enter your name and find your appearance and quirk listedAlong with your friends and crush.

MHA quirk gen

My hero academia quirk generator! Combine or choose one! This was made for me (the creator), primarily. I will update every once in a while with new quirks.

What's your Quirk?

Ever wondered what your My Hero Academia Quirk would be?

Character Quirks!

Make your character that much weirder. Birth idiosyncrasies for your characters, be it habits, hobbies or hobbits. If a disorder/condition generates, please make sure to research it extensively before applying it to stories.

Ultimate BNHA Quirk Generator

Find your BNHA quirk with over 1000 options!

Qurik Generator BNHA

Find a Quirk and Pro Hero name easily using this generator!

What is your power move?

What's your trump card?

Quirk Generator 2.0

This is a quirk gen that I made with random quirks or came up with so you will find weird things here. Updated Rarely
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