[If_aligned] diagnoses on that theme

Mine me ok

I'm handsome



Enhypen's post

For fun

Fantasy Strike

Be a ninja, dragon, panda, fish, or even a human. Find out which character you would reincarnate into!





Audrey mugisha

Bad bitch, hate men love my friends****school

What Tomorrow is Going To Be Like :)

This changes Daily :)

How much of the Olympic mascots are you?

This diagnoses uses the chart function =CHART() Mascot Personalities:Vinicius:Crazy and MemeyTom:Soft and ShyMiraitowa: Loyal and NiceSomeity: Girly and TsundereMiga: Quirky and Lazy

your uwu stats

find out your stats !

what type of girl are you

much love xx

Edgelord Identifier

What kind of edgy are you? Made ironically, with love.

Snake Vibe Check

Are you a boop noodle or caution ramen?

alignment chart Ɛ>

what is your alignment?

Jock Nerd Goth Prep Alignment

Which of these high school stereotypes are you?Does not show CHART!=ERROR like most shindans

How sexy are your feet?

Truly, how SEXY are YOUR feet?

True alignmet quiz babeyy

how quirky are u gamers

which one of this prehistoric overlords suits you

in the prehistoric time there were countless wonders and terror but only seven gods:Tyrant king: T.rexHorned wonder: TriceratopsFisher king: SpinosaurusHellish shark: MegalodonDemonic whale: LiviathanAssasin king: SiatsThievs king: Megaraptor

Edgy Levels

What makes you edgy?

how would u taste as a candy

yummy also i was bored and didnt know what to do





Your Fire Emblem: Three Houses Alignment

Which house would you belong to in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

~Sub or Dom Chart~

Are you a sub or dom? a top or bottom?
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