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U a top or bottom?

Are you a top or bottom in your relationships?Have a wonderful dayfollow me on insta @y3urika

who is bts to you?

relationships in bts

kpop relationships

Your relationships with some of the kpop boys

who is got7 to you?

got7 relationships

Your relationships with kpop girlies

Includes Twice, LOONA, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, Blackpink, CLC, IZONE, GFriend, WJSN, Everglow, and (G)I-DLE

your relationships w nct dream !!

living the y/n life

Pokemon Move Love Life

What Pokemon move describes how you are in relationships, or in bed?

Life in My Hero Academia

If you wish to see, how would a certain person's life be, if they were in My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia universe, then you shall use this generator! This includes relationships, quirk, battle techniques and some random facts!

ship prompts/AUs

just put in your favorite ships name for some sweet fluffy prompts! you can use the 'alternative' prompt as both a different one or as an additional one. have fun![ updated: 2020/11/15. removed redundant prompts, added new ones! ]

Your Danganronpa Relationships

What would your relationship with the Danganronpa characters be like! Find out right here, right now!

GOT7 Relationships


MHA Class 1-A Ship Generator

High probability of yaoi ships. You have been warned.

What RWBY Character is your ___?

You were adopted. You have older/younger sibling, a best friend, your favorite/unfavorite teacher. A crush and a stalker.If you get the same for everything you have one screwed up life!Your parents will be ships or just a single person

[RWBY] Relationships

Suddenly, you're dropped into Remnant. You're lost, scared and confused. However, over time you come to know three people, but your relationship is determined by this Shindan!Has Volume 4 characters :)

Your relationships with SKZ

Whos your brother? Soulmate?

Your relationships (k-pop)

Your relationship with k-pop Idole! (b1a4, Suju)



HypMic Relationships

Your Relationships with HypMic characters

Your MDZS relationships

Who are you to the characters of MDZS? Find out here! ꉂꉂ(๑˃▿︎˂๑)ァ,、'`

What RWBY paring should be your OTP?

Better late then never! Find your OTP!https://www.fanfiction.net/topic/138747/94049145/RWBY-Ships-and-OTPsNot all parings are here.

Dangan Ronpa Relations

Your Dangan Ronpa relationships.

Genshin Impact Character Generator

It generates the basics of your character and their relationships with the characters in the game.

What's Your Relationship with AB6IX (BNM Boys)?

Curious about what relationships you might have with AB6IX (Brandnew Boys)? Find out now!

Dangan Ronpa Crack Ship Generator

Includes (main?) characters from Trigger Happy Havoc, Goodbye Despair Academy, The End of Kibougamine Academy, Ultra Despair Girls, Killer Killer, Zero, and New Dangan Ronpa V3.

Vocaloid Relationship Status!

How does this Vocaloid (or UTAU) feel about you? :D

Your Relationships in Twisted Wonderland

Cuz why tf not lol

your government assigned obey me! oc

I assign you an Obey Me! OC, complete with appearance and relationships. No you can't get Luke as a lover you nasties.

Your life in Teyvat (Genshin Impact)

Let's say, that you live on the world of Teyvat. Where are you from? What is your Vision? What's your affiliation? We can find out all of that, including your relationships with others! (Constantly updated with the new characters)

IDOLiSH7 ship generator

Generate some ships. Fall into rarepair hell. Suffer

RWBY X blank Y - Girls Edition

X will -Action- in -Place-With only the girl characters :)Ships can be formed too...
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