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Very stupid, stubborn, but can be helpful at times.

A stand slightly better than 4Chan.

This stand can do what you may find to be quite helpful, evade taxes and child support.

Japanese Name Generator Unisex

Japanese names that are for the most part unisex. Helpful for character creation!

Is Valkoor helpful to you?


What should we have for dinner?

More helpful than "I don't know" or "what do you want?"

amazing person

tall kindhelpful


nice weird lol

If You Were In Some Manga/Anime

This is a very VERY vague character creator and pretty unhelpful if you want a specific design but you can play around with the vague stuff if you want!

OC Profile Generator

Create a character generator for anything! Especially helpful when making OCs.

Which Assassination Classroom Class Are You In?

Find out which of the classes you would be in if you were going to Kunugigaoka Junior High School in Year 3. Just for fun or helpful for making OCs.

what should you do in an awkward situation?

this helpful advice yes - good

Miraculous Ladybug themes

Random themes that could be helpful to artists.Please tag #mlrandomgen if you decide to use the ideas. :)

who will u date in bts ? <3

dating is what all the kids r doing these days . why dont u try it with my helpful shinnydinny thing

SBURB session - 3

Everyone needs a helpful sprite!
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