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What's your Vtuber persona

find what you would be like as a Vtuber

Your Vtuber Avatar Generator

How will you look like as a Vtuber? The gender is up to your imagination ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

VTuber Traits

Determine your personality and habits as a VTuber!

How Seiso are you?

Find out how truly seiso or not you are, and whether you're a top or a bottom <3

What’s your VTuber persona

What’s the vibe to your virtual stream

What dere type are you as a Vtuber?!

Find out what dere type you are owo

VTuber Generator (Female)

My hot take on a VTuber generator. Enjoy!

Goblin Girl vTuber Generator

What kind of trashy goblin vtuber are you~?

What is your monster girl Vtuber persona

Find what you would be like as a monster girl Vtuber.Note: Monster girls from Kenkou Cross' Monster Girl Encyclopedia books

Let me guess which vtuber you are!

I will guess you in two tries. Am I right?

Your Vtuber Valentine 2021

Need a vtuber waifu to praise and simp for this Valentines day? Let us generate you a waifu who will be your perfect match this year of 2021!Shindan made by aurora_the_ram , Results list Vtuber's name & Twitter Handel

Vtuber Maker!!

You as a vtuber!!

What kind of VTuber would you be?

A medical diagnosis about what kind of VTuber you would be.

Brendan's Vtubersona

Not a clue.

Your VTuber Stats

What would your stats be as a VTuber?




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