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Shrunk, stuck in clothes. (3,935)
You shrink, but how small? And where are you now that you're shrunk? (Spoiler: it's inside...
Shrink Ray 2.0 (6,324)
Excellent improvements have been made, now thank you for volunteering to test our shrink ray/ Didn&#...
Micro May Daily Shrink Ray (3,299)
Step up step up and pull the lever to see how small you get each day of the month of Micro May. Resu...
Shrink Ray (3,842)
You are zapped by a shrink ray! How small will you get?
She shrinks you! (1,928)
A girl walks up to you and shrinks you! How do you spend the day with her?
You shrink and she punishes you (2,491)
You made her angry and now she shrinks you. The original which was straight up copied by many users.
Age Regression Generator (3,781)
Oh no! You're stricken by a sudden rejuvenation. By how much and how it happened, and why enter...
Your Shrunken Scenario (443)
What, how, and who do you shrink with? Just testing this stuff out.
You Grew/Shrank (322)
How big were you and what did you become? Better descriptions coming soon!
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