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Diagnoses on the theme of [animals].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Spirit Animal (25,179)
Tells your spirit animal.
Lusus Generator (20,593)
What does your lusus look like?
Zootopia OC Maker!!! (5,871)
Create a fun animal citizen. ;3
What Kemono Friend are you? (3,364)
welcome to youkoso shindanmaker park
MWUHAHAHAHHA xoxo Jongdae (2,712)
heLLO MY NAMe is joNGDAE And i'M HERE BECAuse i wANT TO SHow you somETHING.
Whats your Zootopia Name? (2,370)
Find your Animal/Zootopia Name.
What creature are you? (1,723)
Become your favourite animal! Or just a random animal out of a list on the internet
your past life animal (1,664)
describes what animal you were in your past life, and their personality
What&039;s your animal mixture? (1,595)
Animal mixes!
The Furry is You! (1,231)
Pretty much a fursona generator. Also, this DOES involve Pokemon. Feel free to send me your result...
Your eccentric animal life! (1,228)
Find out what kind of eccentric animal you are, what you love + your theme song!
Life as a Bird?! (1,188)
You became a bird! What are you like?
What type of Animal Crossing villager ar... (1,180)
What is your Animal Crossing villager typing?
What&039;s your patronus? (1,128)
What animal is your patronus, and how clear is it? Made with https://github.com/hzlzh/Domain-Name-L...
How dog are you? (1,054)
Find out how dog you are!
What is your Animal Sidekick? (1,035)
Find out your Animal Sidekick.
Animal RPG thingydoo (857)
A cute idea that came to mind
Which animal are you? (743)
What real animal are you?
what kind of giant turtle are you? (737)
Your summoning animal (623)
Imagine you did a blood contract with an animal species and now you could summon a giant version of ...
What animal traits and personality do yo... (501)
Find out what random animal traits you have for the day, both physically and in personality!
What pet are you? (486)
You're an animal adopted by a human!
What do you look like as a guinea pig ♡ (440)
Cute guinea pig looks!
What is your dog name be? (407)
If you were a dog, find out your new name!
Do cats like you? (368)
Cats. Full of bees? Tiny motors? Hatred and teeth? Yes
What kind of goatling are you? (355)
If you were a goatling, what would you be like?
Life as an Insect!? (345)
If you were an insect what would you be like?
Dog Generator (314)
This is a generator that generates almost everything about a dog. Hopefully you can get a mix breed!
What do you have too many of? (313)
that's too many whatevers what are they?
What deer are you? (307)
What kind of deer are you?
What type of kitten are you? (284)
What kind of cat are you? Let's find out
FOXES (277)
What kind of fox actually are you? IT'S IMPORTANT.
Your Fantasy Spirit Animal V2 (249)
Wow i haven't made one of these in so long, forgot how fun they were
What animal are you ? (241)
for fun
If you were an animal, what would you be... (237)
Title says everything
What Kind Of Cat Are You?? (180)
A companion to my 'What Kind Of Dog Are You??' Shindan.
Animal Eating thing (171)
end my life
Your Completely Non-Suspicious Fursona (114)
theres NOTHING going on here. im just assigning you a fursona
what type of rabbit or hare are you ! (113)
buny time !
What kind of pet should you have? (97)
A specific breed plus a general species, in case it's not clear. Also, thanks for almost 1,500 ...
What ball python morph are you? (90)
Ball pythons have many strangely named morphs. Which one are you?
which animal are you?? (80)
enter your name to see what animal you are!
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