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Which Kamen Rider are you? (8,231)
What form will you transform into as a Rider?
Kamen Rider Motif Generator (4,713)
A kamen rider motif generator
Your Ranger Name (3,867)
What's your role in the sentai universe?
Your death in Kamen Rider (3,709)
How will it end for you if you were a villain in tokusatsu?
Which Heisei Rider are you and who&039;s... (3,334)
Find out we who you are and who will be your secondary Rider! Update 3.0: -Added Kamen Rider Zi-O a...
New Rider (2,114)
You as a Kamen Rider!
Super Sentai Motif Generator (1,947)
A generator for the five-colored warriors.
Which Gamer Rider are you? (1,608)
just a random kamen rider ex-aid shindan watch it please これは仮面ライダーエグゼイドの診断だ。
Kamen Rider (1,218)
Your kind of Kamen Rider!
Your Kamen Rider (1,190)
Main riders only, sorry #2
Your in and out of suit appearance, gimmick, and fighting style!
Your Sexy Toku Story (788)
Find out what type of sexy tokusatsu hero or villain you will be and what journey lies ahead.
I can TRANSFORM?! (651)
You gain the ability to be a hero called Kamen Rider! And you also get to meet a fellow Kamen Rider....
Which Kyuranger are you? (515)
just because kyuranger is awesome!
What if You were a Gamer Rider? (444)
Which Gashat will you use, and what is your weapon?
Who is your Toku Waifu? (440)
Find out your Toku Waifu.
Your Kyuranger Title (403)
You're one of the legendary Kyurangers! But which one?
sentaisona (354)
assigns u a ranger colour/weapon + some other things
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