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Anime Girl Profile Generator (340)
A profile based on Idolmaster, but it can also be used for any female OC. Note: some results are str...
which idols will cyberbully you (259)
everybody can be a victim of cyberbullying
your new imas AS ship (50)
note: i am not responsible for weird pairings resulting from this. if you don't like it, reroll...
IDOLMASTER Cinderella Girls Idol Generat... (68)
Generates a CG idol
your SideM husband Adult ver (247)
Same as the other sidem husband generator just only 18+ characters
IDOLMASTER Million Live Unit Generator (124)
A unit generator for Million Live.
IDOLMASTER Cinderella Girls Unit Generat... (168)
A unit generator for Cinderella Girls. Includes all girls, voiced and unvoiced.
idolmaster girl date V.2 (784)
based off the idolmaster girl date by WriterNightpen the original here→https://en.shindanmaker.com/2...
Idolmaster Girls Date! (227)
based on @dolceconaffetto , the original here→https://en.shindanmaker.com/336808 Some results I made...
Your Idol Gimmick (1,127)
Every idol is characterised by a quirky interest that sets her apart, no matter how absurd it may be...
Your Million Live Unit (207)
includes 765pro
cinderella girls unit generator (all typ... (441)
generate a random idol unit!
Cinderella Girl x SideM Ships! (314)
Which Cinderella Girl and SideM guy would you ship?
[Deresute] You do a 10 scout. What do yo... (416)
Deresute = Starlight Stage.
FMK SideM (703)
Which SideM idols would you f***, marry, and kill?
Your Idolmaster sideM unit! (1,831)
Today is the day you become a producer at 315 Production! Who will be in the unit you produce?
My Idol Debut (2,980)
Form a unit, hit the stage, and meet your idol destiny! Ready? Music Start! (iM@S/Love Live/other st...
Who&039;s your Idolmaster waifu? (1,720)
765 pro edition
Your next SideM card (363)
Which one will it be?
Who is your Idolmaster wife? (974)
Find out who your imas girl is. Ritsuko not included because...Ritsuko.
Which Cinderella Girl Are You? (841)
Are you ready for a journey into the idol world?
Who is your Side-M daddy? (732)
Idol daddies are hot and now you can have one too!
Idolmaster Idol Unit (1,747)
Your imas trio unit
Idolmaster Girl Date! (4,303)
Who will be your Idol date? Includes some Cinderella Girl idols.
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