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Diagnoses on the theme of [FEH].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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FEH pairing maker (718)
Fire Emblems Heroes is a giant crossover with Fire Emblem. Let's make some pairings characters ...
Your Fire Emblem Heroes Character (8,415)
Feh level 40 stats
FE Heroes Character Generator (6,425)
You became a hero in Fire Emblem Heroes! How good are you?
Your "Fire Emblem Heroes" Team (1,532)
Insert your name and I'll give you back your FEH team (1 unit per color) [Now with Legendary Ro...
Fire Emblem Heroes Unit Generator (1,050)
Create your own unit for FEH!
You in Fe:Heroes (804)
Find out what type of hero you'll be, along will skills, specials, and hero title.
Fire emblem/stay night (490)
This crossover shindan allows you to have the Seven Servants from Fate/Stay Night impersoned by Fire...
Christmas FE Heroes Generator (401)
What would this character be like in a Christmas themed event?
Valentines FE Heroes Generator (379)
What would this character be like in a Valentines themed event?
Who Will You Get Pity Broken By? (300)
Who will pity break you in Fire Emblem Heroes?
Fire emblem Heroes Generator funny (176)
What type of character are you in FEH ? A generator unity, For Fire emblem Heroes (just for funny gu...
Whats your WACKY Fire Emblem Heroes book... (75)
Find out what your name would be in the realm of dreams!
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