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351. Who Is Your Naruto Waifu (825)
This Will Determine Who Your Naruto Waifu is.
352. Can you guess how sexy you are? (824)
Self explanatory title.
353. Lovertype (823)
354. Lets see your future (819)
In the future
355. Soul Mate Finder (807)
Where will you meet your soul mate? Or... have you already met them?
356. Which type of pairing do you ship? (805)
Diagnose which type of paring you ship!
357. Who's your Uta no Prince-sama soulm... (802)
Find your prince and destiny.
How many days do you still have until you get married?
359. Who is your bestfriend in KPop? (794)
your best friend is.......
360. Who's your B.A.P boyfriend? (793)
Let's dicover which B.A.P member is your future man
361. Fairy Tail husband (793)
FT husband
362. Ideal Date with SHINee (789)
Which SHINee member will date you, and what will he want to do? 25 different answers!
363. Which Nation Is Your Lover? (783)
Tells you the nation,the relation,and how long it lasts~!
364. Your SPN AU love story (777)
In another universe, you met a Supernatural character and fell in love...
365. how much do you love cats??? (777)
this test is for fun don't take it Seriously!!!
366. Your RWBY Valentine *Male Edition (777)
This one contains the men of RWBY
367. Idolish7 Crush (777)
368. who is your gintama waifu (776)
sure hope its not a madao
369. iKON One-night stand (764)
370. Kiss Analyzer (762)
What does your character's kiss taste like? ♥
371. How big a hoe are you??? (762)
As if you don't know...
372. Your boyfriend in Attack on Titan (759)
Who is your perfect boyfriend in Attack on Titan!? CHECK IT OUT! (There's a trap in here~~♪)
373. Luhan (757)
374. Your ideal Nisekoi waifu (756)
Who's your best girl?
375. Get your organs rated! (752)
This Shindan will analyze a random trait of a random organ in your body.
376. Which anime character will see your ling... (749)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
377. Arcana Heart Main (745)
Find out your main character and Arcana.
378. your next girlfriend / boyfrie (739)
what will they be like?
379. Approachability (739)
Are you approachable?
380. What kind of hugger are you (735)
What kind of hugs do you like to give?
381. what Free! anime characters would say to... (734)
Haruka Nanase (´ー`) Makoto Tachibana(=´∀`) Nagisa Hazuki( ゚∀ ゚) Rei Ryugazaki<(‾︶‾)> Rin M...
382. BigBang Kabumm (720)
for V.I.P's :3
383. How you react to being friendzoned (720)
so i'll just put how they friendzoned you and how you react
384. Meaning of Name (719)
Find out!
385. When and Where? (717)
386. Idol that will kiss you❤❤❤ (709)
Lets play with me beautiful
387. You as a super kawaii High School Girl. (709)
Ever wanted to know how bishe and kawaii and sugoi and bakabaka ichigo you'd be in a high schoo...
388. What Does Your Crush Look Like? (706)
Who do you REALLY want to be with?
389. What Free! boy would you date? (698)
Well, who would it be?
390. Which plurker/SLer are you in love with? (690)
Let's get it on
391. how ur b1a4 bf asks u out (683)
Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Life
392. Aichuu Soulmate (682)
Pretty self-explanatory
393. Where? (674)
How kinky can you get?
394. Who is your male soulmate? (667)
Who is your male soulmate?
395. Waifu Machine Alpha (662)
What is your waifu?
396. Who in the exo chat is your destined one... (656)
Omona, secrets are revealed
397. As is your perfect anime girl? (655)
As is your perfect anime girl?
398. What kind of reverse harem member are yo... (653)
Hot guys are life; they exist for us and we exist for them.
399. your favorite ero fantasy (651)
Diagnoses your favorite ero fantasy
400. How much love will you get (649)
How many fucks will you give
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