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351. Kawaii Bitches of Swag (1,204)
which one would be your perfect match?
352. Small Girlfriend Generator (1,192)
inspired by @wrangelisland's Tall Girlfriend Generator
353. bigbangin big (1,184)
Love triangle
354. Which U.A. girl would you date? (1,178)
BnHA is bound to have at least some romance involved later on. But if you were in the universe, whic...
355. Yaoi couple generator (1,161)
Have you ever wanted to create your own yaoi couple? Then I've got good news for you!
356. Aichuu love confession simulator (1,159)
You have confessed to a certain Aichuu! How did they react?
357. your day6 boyfriend (1,150)
day6 bf
358. MASH [ BTOB version ] (1,147)
Find out your future with BTOB members!
359. IDOLiSH7 confession (1,143)
Confess your love to your idols! Includes TRIGGER members and other characters...
360. Sempai Shindan (1,123)
What kind of sempai are you and why does little kouhai like you?
361. What type of hentai will you be in? (1,123)
362. Your boyfriend in Attack on Titan (1,117)
Who is your perfect boyfriend in Attack on Titan!? CHECK IT OUT! (There's a trap in here~~♪)
363. What does your soulmate look like? (1,108)
Title says it all.
364. What if you were a potato (1,108)
365. How will you dump Rem? (1,108)
Rem just confessed her undying feelings for you, what do you do?
366. How gay are you even? (1,102)
Are you gay enough for twitter
367. Fairy Tail husband (1,093)
FT husband
368. what body part will you grow (1,084)
if you drink this potion
369. How many children with oppa? (1,084)
Children with oppa
370. Mystic Messenger Relationship Status (1,080)
In a broad sense...
371. diamond no ace date (´・ω・`) (1,079)
372. Who&039;s your Dojo ship (1,078)
373. Idol that will kiss you❤❤❤ (1,066)
Lets play with me beautiful
374. How romantics you are ♥ (1,060)
Are you romantic person ? Check it out ⊙﹏⊙
375. who is your soulmate (1,055)
376. Who&039;s your soulmate? (1,053)
The first thing he/she has said/will say to you.
377. Monmusu Waifu(s)! (1,051)
Why not more than one?
378. who should you bang (1,047)
Find out who you should bang
379. Sin (1,038)
How much sin is you
380. Waifu Rating (1,028)
A Rating of your favorite girl. 0 is bad, 100 is amazing. (Don't get mad at me lol)
381. Are You Okay (1,021)
If you're feeling bad, sad, suicidal, or depressed, this is dedicated to you! <3
382. Bear Husband Generator (1,015)
This generator will create the bear husband FOR YOU based on my idea of what my ideal bear husband w...
383. Your RWBY Valentine *Male Edition (1,003)
This one contains the men of RWBY
384. Your Fire Emblem Waifu (1,003)
Find out which Fire Emblem character your heart truly desires. Contains Every Single playable unit f...
385. Your day6 boyfriend! (981)
Jae Brian wonpil dowoon and sungjin
386. Which Anime Boy is Waiting for You and W... (968)
Which anime boy is waiting for you and where ;) if you know what I mean~
387. Hetalia OTP~ (967)
OTP~ ^-^
388. What anime will u be in and how will u l... (967)
Idk just try it out
389. Are you Hitler? (961)
It has been prophesized since ancient times that Adolf Hitler will be reborn. This is to test if you...
390. What kind of hugger are you (961)
What kind of hugs do you like to give?
How many days do you still have until you get married?
392. 1/10 Will You Get Laid (959)
Will you get laid?
393. Ideal Date with SHINee (957)
Which SHINee member will date you, and what will he want to do? 25 different answers!
394. what Free! anime characters would say to... (956)
Haruka Nanase (´ー`) Makoto Tachibana(=´∀`) Nagisa Hazuki( ゚∀ ゚) Rei Ryugazaki<(‾︶‾)> Rin M...
395. Who is Your Secret Admirer? (944)
Describe the person who secretly loves you!
0 Love
396. are you the meme lord (943)
the one question on all of our minds
397. Be the idol (940)
I want be idol but my parent have't agree
398. Your IDOLiSH7 lover! (936)
Discover who'd be your lover in I7! Are them a member of TRIGGER, Re:vale, IDOLiSH7 or...?
399. Who's your B.A.P boyfriend? (935)
Let's dicover which B.A.P member is your future man
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400. Who&039;s your Uta no Prince-sama soulma... (917)
Find your prince and destiny.
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