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351. How romantics you are ♥ (986)
Are you romantic person ? Check it out ⊙﹏⊙
352. Your boyfriend in Attack on Titan (982)
Who is your perfect boyfriend in Attack on Titan!? CHECK IT OUT! (There's a trap in here~~♪)
353. Bear Husband Generator (978)
This generator will create the bear husband FOR YOU based on my idea of what my ideal bear husband w...
354. Are You Okay (970)
If you're feeling bad, sad, suicidal, or depressed, this is dedicated to you! <3
355. who should you bang (967)
Find out who you should bang
356. Which Anime Boy is Waiting for You and W... (955)
Which anime boy is waiting for you and where ;) if you know what I mean~
357. Fairy Tail husband (949)
FT husband
358. What anime will u be in and how will u l... (949)
Idk just try it out
359. Sin (941)
How much sin is you
360. Are you Hitler? (938)
It has been prophesized since ancient times that Adolf Hitler will be reborn. This is to test if you...
361. Idol that will kiss you❤❤❤ (935)
Lets play with me beautiful
How many days do you still have until you get married?
363. Hetalia OTP~ (927)
OTP~ ^-^
364. 1/10 Will You Get Laid (925)
Will you get laid?
365. Who is Your Secret Admirer? (922)
Describe the person who secretly loves you!
366. Yaoi couple generator (919)
Have you ever wanted to create your own yaoi couple? Then I've got good news for you!
367. are you the meme lord (916)
the one question on all of our minds
368. Mystic Messenger Relationship Status (915)
In a broad sense...
369. Be the idol (913)
I want be idol but my parent have't agree
370. What type of hentai will you be in? (902)
371. which paladin of voltron loves you (897)
who u marrying son
372. Youtaite Friendly Date (894)
Who will go on a friendly date with you? And how will it turn out?
373. Who's your B.A.P boyfriend? (891)
Let's dicover which B.A.P member is your future man
374. whose your anime lover? (890)
find out
375. Keadaan kamu Hari ini? (886)
Seperti apakah keadaan anda hari ini?
376. Can you guess how sexy you are? (880)
Self explanatory title.
377. Who is your husbando? (878)
Find out your true husbando here.
378. Your RWBY Valentine *Male Edition (876)
This one contains the men of RWBY
379. Fate G/O Waifu (871)
Join the Waifu Crusade!
380. Your Durarara OTP (868)
Choosing you Durarara Pairing
381. Ideal Date with SHINee (863)
Which SHINee member will date you, and what will he want to do? 25 different answers!
382. What kind of hugger are you (860)
What kind of hugs do you like to give?
383. Who's your Uta no Prince-sama soulm... (857)
Find your prince and destiny.
384. Kemono Date (856)
Who are you going out with and where?
385. Lovertype (855)
386. what Free! anime characters would say to... (851)
Haruka Nanase (´ー`) Makoto Tachibana(=´∀`) Nagisa Hazuki( ゚∀ ゚) Rei Ryugazaki<(‾︶‾)> Rin M...
387. The cutest human ever (850)
Now, you know who's the cutest human ever
388. Kiss Analyzer (849)
What does your character's kiss taste like? ♥
389. Your ideal Nisekoi waifu (848)
Who's your best girl?
390. Mys Mes Ship Opinions (840)
Someone gives their opinion on You x MM Character.
391. Soul Mate Finder (835)
Where will you meet your soul mate? Or... have you already met them?
392. Lets see your future (833)
In the future
393. Your NCT Boyfriend (831)
Try getting your bias. I included Mark but not the minirookies.
394. Who is your bestfriend in KPop? (830)
your best friend is.......
395. who is your gintama waifu (827)
sure hope its not a madao
396. Which type of pairing do you ship? (820)
Diagnose which type of paring you ship!
397. how much do you love cats??? (811)
this test is for fun don't take it Seriously!!!
398. Which Nation Is Your Lover? (809)
Tells you the nation,the relation,and how long it lasts~!
399. Your SPN AU love story (808)
In another universe, you met a Supernatural character and fell in love...
400. Get your organs rated! (808)
This Shindan will analyze a random trait of a random organ in your body.
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