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201. Enstars Love Triangle!? (1st year editio... (2,217)
What will happen when two kouhai fall for you?
202. Your Anime Boyfriend (2,205)
This will tell you who your anime boyfriend is. Woo.
203. What time ist it? It's 2PM :3 (2,187)
For the Hottest ^-^
204. Persona 3 Love Story (2,174)
Your love story in Persona 3 (for girls)
205. Who wants to sleep with you? (2,173)
Find out who wants to sleep with you!
206. Who is your AKB48 wife? (2,169)
It's not ALL of the member in AKB48,but check it out!!
207. Rejection meter (2,168)
how much does ur waifu/husbando reject u
208. Your K-drama Life (2,167)
How would your life be like if it were a k-drama? - - - Spoiler: ... Not everything is fair :...
209. Your FFXV partner! (2,167)
which character in FFXV is your lifelong partner?
210. Teen Top Date (2,146)
Diagnoses your [Teen Top Date]
211. who is ur bts sugar daddy (2,138)
this is cool too
212. Your new OTP (2,115)
Find out your brand new OTP.
213. Touken Ranbu kiss (2,110)
what kiss awaits you
214. Fictional Female Crush/Waifu (2,102)
If you need help creating a female love interest for a novel/story,check this out!
215. You and Your K-Pop Husband (2,086)
Includes over 85 male idols from EXO, SHINee, TVXQ, JYJ, B.A.P, U-KISS, BTS, SuJu and many more.
216. bts and you (2,080)
Bangtan with u
217. your boyfriend in exo (2,077)
Who is your boyfriend in exo? Not real,okey~
218. Horoscope of the day! :D (2,075)
I hope you have a lovely day! :D
219. Mirai Nikki Lover (2,072)
Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend in Mirai Nikki?
220. What kind of tsundere are you (2,072)
No use trying to deny it, you're a full-blown tsundere, as proven by your stammering and the bl...
221. The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls - Confes... (2,066)
You've built up the courage to ask out your favourite idol. How does she react?
222. EXO Husband? (2,063)
Lets see who is your EXO Husband!!
223. Haremetter (2,052)
What types of characters are in your personal harem?
224. Who Is Your Mlp Soulmate? (2,048)
225. Fairy Tail waifu (2,044)
your FT waifu:з
226. VOCALOID Love (2,042)
which vocaloid loves you
227. dates with infinite (2,041)
who ? where ? how ?
228. What&039;s your fetish? (2,040)
Find out what your true fetish is.
229. Who will be your first kiss? (2,032)
your first kiss? find here! :D
230. You're best features (2,013)
What people like/love about you
231. Are you a top or a bottom? (1,997)
Title says it all
232. Can you go SUPER SENPAI!? (1,973)
Can you senpai!? PLEASE!? FOR KOUHAI?
233. what is the meaning of my name (1,963)
My name
234. Meet Your EXO OTP ❤ (1,953)
young love in the streets (and in the sheets)
235. Perfect Monster Waifu (1,952)
From the same jack-off who brought you Perfect Waifu. Many are shamelessly taken from Monster Girl E...
236. Your otome game! (1,946)
Which famous otome game is the most suitable for you?
237. Hetalia Gakuen life! (1,943)
Your friends, best classmates, boy/girlfriends~ etc.
238. Which Vocaloid Loves You? (1,933)
Which Vocaloid/UTAU/fanmade loves you? And to what extent?
239. Real Neptunia Waifu (1,918)
For realzies!
240. What kind of yandere are you (1,907)
With a loving heart and a dark mind, you're hot on the trail of your beloved, resolved to follo...
241. what is your waifu like (1,885)
what is your waifu like
242. Your secret SuJu relationship (1,881)
What will you do with SuJu members, let's find out!
243. Who&039;s your Bara manager? (1,877)
What kind of guy is your manager after work?
244. aesthetic maker (1,877)
gives you an aesthetic yay
245. Mys Mes Relationships (1,873)
Matching you with your lover, best friend, enemy, etc.
246. What Are You Doing Right Now? (1,867)
tells you what you are doing right now
247. How Lesbian Are U (1,848)
find out how lesbian you are
248. How to make senpai notice you? (1,847)
Your guide to make senpai notice you...
249. Which &039;Yuri!!! On Ice&039; character... (1,824)
The title says all. Features most characters from Y!!!OI
250. The Waifu Generator (EXPERIMENTAL) (1,817)
The best waifu generator since the creation of waifu generators (Caution may explode)
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