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201. Your The Gray Garden wife, husband or sp... (2,472)
Which one of Mogeko's characters is your wife/husband/spouse? Find out! Results change daily.
202. Which Exo member will you marry? (2,464)
idk lol this is just a simple one to test out how this thing works
203. ♥ Your Hetalia Boyfriend ♥ (2,464)
♥ I know you want to try this~ ♥
204. Enstars Love Triangle!? (2nd year editio... (2,443)
you sure are popular...
205. who is ur bts sugar daddy (2,423)
this is cool too
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a short imagine with a member of seventeen.
207. Crush (2,416)
208. Hetalia Boyfriend~ (2,399)
Hetalia Boyfriend >w<
209. Enstars Love Triangle!? (1st year editio... (2,390)
What will happen when two kouhai fall for you?
210. You and Your K-Pop Husband (2,381)
Includes over 85 male idols from EXO, SHINee, TVXQ, JYJ, B.A.P, U-KISS, BTS, SuJu and many more.
211. enstars best boy (2,377)
Find your best boy
212. I am a ..... Wanna One Members (2,369)
Just For Fun. I am ...... Wannna One Members
213. Who's your Blue Exorcist Lover (2,362)
Who you love from Blue Exorcist.
214. Your K-drama Life (2,351)
How would your life be like if it were a k-drama? - - - Spoiler: ... Not everything is fair :...
215. EXO Husband? (2,342)
Lets see who is your EXO Husband!!
216. love story (2,340)
date blind
217. Who will be your first kiss? (2,333)
your first kiss? find here! :D
218. Horoscope of the day! :D (2,327)
I hope you have a lovely day! :D
219. how much of a dad are you (2,321)
find out your worth
220. bts and you (2,319)
Bangtan with u
221. Touken Ranbu kiss (2,309)
what kiss awaits you
222. Even Taller Girlfriend Generator (2,299)
In reference to and with inspiration from the Tall Girlfriend Generator by @wrangelisland... generat...
223. Idolish7 Crush (2,281)
224. Your soulmate (2,264)
Find out what kind of person your soulmate is
225. Rejection meter (2,226)
how much does ur waifu/husbando reject u
226. What time ist it? It's 2PM :3 (2,225)
For the Hottest ^-^
227. Who wants to sleep with you? (2,223)
Find out who wants to sleep with you!
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228. Your Anime Boyfriend (2,221)
This will tell you who your anime boyfriend is. Woo.
229. Your FFXV partner! (2,215)
which character in FFXV is your lifelong partner?
230. Persona 3 Love Story (2,213)
Your love story in Persona 3 (for girls)
231. Fictional Female Crush/Waifu (2,196)
If you need help creating a female love interest for a novel/story,check this out!
232. Fairy Tail waifu (2,196)
your FT waifu:з
233. Who is your AKB48 wife? (2,187)
It's not ALL of the member in AKB48,but check it out!!
234. Perfect Monster Waifu (2,183)
From the same jack-off who brought you Perfect Waifu. Many are shamelessly taken from Monster Girl E...
235. Teen Top Date (2,167)
Diagnoses your [Teen Top Date]
236. Your new OTP (2,159)
Find out your brand new OTP.
237. The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls - Confes... (2,119)
You've built up the courage to ask out your favourite idol. How does she react?
238. iKON One-night stand (2,113)
239. your boyfriend in exo (2,105)
Who is your boyfriend in exo? Not real,okey~
240. What kind of tsundere are you (2,100)
No use trying to deny it, you're a full-blown tsundere, as proven by your stammering and the bl...
241. VOCALOID Love (2,095)
which vocaloid loves you
242. Mirai Nikki Lover (2,090)
Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend in Mirai Nikki?
243. Haremetter (2,083)
What types of characters are in your personal harem?
244. Who Is Your Mlp Soulmate? (2,080)
245. aesthetic maker (2,078)
gives you an aesthetic yay
246. dates with infinite (2,070)
who ? where ? how ?
247. What&039;s your fetish? (2,060)
Find out what your true fetish is.
248. Hetalia Gakuen life! (2,058)
Your friends, best classmates, boy/girlfriends~ etc.
249. Are you a top or a bottom? (2,055)
Title says it all
250. You're best features (2,044)
What people like/love about you
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