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Your Pokemon Form Base Stats/Type/Abilit... (117,929)
Find out what are your stats, ability and typing if you were a Pokemon. All Abilities and Types inc...
Your RWBY Life (80,601)
A OC generator, minus the name. You provide that. Have added main, support, villains and misc charac...
RPG Character Types (77,325)
I'm sure this has been done a bazillion times before but here's my take on it. Enjoy~
Your Pokemon Type Specialization (73,387)
Do you train Dark types, or maybe Fairy types? Find out!
10 by @tr00la
What fangirl are you? (21,121)
Find out what type of fangirl you are like ^^
Anime Stereotypes (10,266)
if you were in an Anime , in which stereotypes you would be ?
What Sparktype are you? (5,849)
A spark is the lifeforce, or soul, of a Transformer. In the IDW Generation 1 continuity, there appe...
Your shonen anime/manga character. (5,317)
Imagine you could live in a shonen world were all types of powers a possible, what would you look li...
[RWBY] Character Generator (4,013)
Become a huntsman/huntress in the world of Remnant! Includes appearance, various faunus types, weapo...
What&039;s your bra size? (3,705)
Using 24-56 band sizes + AA-LL cup sizes (UK) If you actually need to figure out your bra size, go ...
Complete Personas Generator (3,352)
This Shindan tells you what kind of Personas are you in Persona Series. it includes 1.Arcana 2.Skil...
What kind of bender are you? (2,886)
What is your bending type? This includes any special versions of already established bending types a...
Hunter x Hunter Hatsu (2,514)
Check your compatibility with the six types of nen; the highest score is your natural type. Of the t...
Haremetter (2,475)
What types of characters are in your personal harem?
futa types (2,170)
now you can see what type of futa you are
One Piece Haki (2,102)
Do you have Haki? What types of Haki do you have? See if you can get all 3 Haki or get no Haki
Test your magic affinity (1,975)
What is your affinity like for different magic types? Take this shindan to find out!
Dr. Kitsune’s Latex Adventure (1,692)
What Happened When You Get Turned Into a Characters or an Animal or a Rubber Animals Using a Latex T...
Your Pokémon typing! (1,652)
So yeah, maybe I haven't been snooping around enough but I haven't seen anything like this...
What is your Pokémon typing? (1,564)
what type of Pokémon are you? Results change daily!
What&039;s Your Pokemon Type? (1,404)
See what your pokemon types are.
What Laguz are you? (1,308)
Which of the many Laguz types from FE: Radiant Dawn are you?
What type of Fangirl are you? (1,282)
CLICK HERE TO KNOW THE MEANING!!!!!!!!!! http://paperfury.com/the-10-types-of-fangirls/
What type of spellcaster are you? (922)
With all the various types of magic out there, ever wonder what type of spellcaster you are? What�...
What type of youtuber are you? (859)
So many types of youtubers, so what would you be?
What Fire Emblem archetype are you? (783)
Includes classic and new archetypes.
[Pokémon] What&039;s your type? (764)
Are you a Fire type Pokémon? A dragon-slaughtering Fairy type? A gentle Grass type? Or something com...
What Pokemon Elemental Types Are You? (683)
what are your primary and secondary pokemon types?
1 by @artommu
OC Concept Help (662)
Shindan in correlation with LavenderTowne's 'DRAW THIS, NOT THAT [Can You Fix a Bad OC?]; ...
Jock Nerd Goth Prep Alignment (583)
Which of these high school stereotypes are you? Does not show CHART!=ERROR like most shindans
Your True Devil Fruit For Each Type (544)
Everytime I wrote my own name I got bad Devil fruits while my friends got good ones so this time I d...
Which "dere" are you? (523)
This will tell you which of the popular "dere" types you are.
What&039;s Your Pokemon Weakness & S... (514)
Might not make sense.
Pokemon Types! (496)
If you were a Pokemon, what type would you be?
cinderella girls unit generator (all typ... (431)
generate a random idol unit!
Which kind of elf are you? (396)
Cave Elf, Sea Elf, and Wood Elf are the three types of elves in my rpg sandbox game.
0 by @Pounther
Types of OC Creators (309)
Based on the Tumblr posts! The "Thank God" one should say "Thank God it isn't me...
You&039;re A Dragon! (290)
What type of dragon are you? Update: Added some humorous results and new dragon types, along with o...
Random Deck Generator (280)
Mix 2~3 archetypes/series to create a deck (Extra included). Tech result may be cut from maindeck b...
0 dng
Villain Stereotypes (280)
What kinda Stereotypical Villain are you?
How would you do as a Fire Emblem Heroes... (277)
At level 40, how would your stats check out if you were a Fire Emblem Heroes unit? This shindan calc...
Dere Types (248)
Find out t e e h e e
Newest YoRHa Unit (239)
see https://pastebin.com/V63R79gq for info on YoRHa types.
Detailed OC Visual Generator (Female) (199)
OC generator with a detailed description, I also included eye shape types, fashion main colors, and ...
What Type of Zombie are you? (172)
Just a thing for when you become one of "them". Now with tank zombie types!!! Now includin...
What type of retard are you? (168)
What kind of retard can you be? Isn’t there only one type? No, we have found that there is a total o...
How would you be if you were a pokemon? (128)
Would you like to know your types and stat if you were a pokemon?
0 by @Fogon007
Magic (110)
There are only 20 Types of Magic Max Level is 100
fnaf types (77)
find out your fnaf type
Chima&039;s Anthro Body Types (73)
Ever wondered what you'd have as an anthro? Take the test to find out!
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